How To Choose Which Facebook Posts You See First – It’s simpler than you’d think.

How to Choose Which Facebook messages you see first

You may not realize it, but Facebook does not show you a time series of last posts of your friends and pages “liked” when you visit New RSS. Instead, the social network uses an algorithm to determine what it thinks you’ll want to see you and that shows.

If you want to exercise a little more control, there is a somewhat hidden to ensure that your favorite people and pages always appear at the top of your feed. You can do it on your computer or your smartphone.

On your computer / PC

To select Facebook messages you see on a computer first, first go to a friend’s profile. You will see a button that says “Next” next to their name at the bottom of their cover photo. Click on it and select “View the first.”

If you want to see the messages of marks “liked” on top of your diet, there are a couple more steps. Go to the page you want, then click the button that says “loved.” Then click on “Messages in News Feed.” From there, select “View first” and save your changes. Messages from your brand of choice now surface at the top of your News Feed. Congratulations: you made a social media editor very, very happy.

Messages of people and pages that you asked to “see first” should now surface at the top of your News Feed on with a small blue star next to them.

On a Smartphone or Tablet

Selection of Facebook messages to see first is actually even easier on a mobile device. Open the Facebook application, go to your friend’s page, press “Next” and select “View the first” option on the window that appears.

Unlike the desktop version of Facebook, the process is exactly the same for pages that you like: Go to the page, click “Next” and select “View the first.”

Why bother?

If you ever get frustrated that your RSS news seems to be a glut of nonsense people and pages you do not care really, it’s worth taking the time to manually select what you “see first. “you will not miss when your friends post something, and the top of your stream will theoretically be filled with the stuff you want to spend time with. Facebook allows you to choose up to 30 people or pages to” Show first, “so go nuts.

Remember, however, that the social network will always keep track of what you interact with the hope to distill your behavior to a science. You can help them understand what you like, but you still feed more valuable data about yourself. Enjoy!

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