How to Hide Facebook Posts From Anyone In Friend List

Hide Facebook Posts From Anyone In Friend List.

Some privacy options in Facebook posts. You can share anything with the public, friends, yourself. There is another option personalized name. In this option, there are other options.

Sometimes you may want to share anything on Facebook and may want to hide a particular person. If that particular person is not in your friends list, you can share your message with friends, not with the public.

But if that person is present in your friends list? You want to keep that person in your friends list and at the same time, you want to share something that will not be shown to him / her. Well, here’s how to do it:
How To Hide Facebook Posts From Anyone In Friend List


  1.  First, sign in toyour Facebook account. Now type your status or input link, photo or video you want to share. Now click on the Privacy option button just to the last of the station
  2. After clicking that button, you will see something like this. Click on the More Options link.
  3. Now, you will see the following picture. Click on the Custom link.
  4. The section expands to display more options. Notice that the custom selections you made directly from the post are displayed when you move your mouse over the “Custom” button. Click the “Custom” button to access the options.
  5. The “Custom Privacy” dialog box displays, just like when you clicked the “Friends” button as discussed earlier in this article. Make any changes you want and click “Save Changes.” These settings will be applied to all future posts.

When you are returned to the “Privacy Settings and Tools” screen, a “Remember” box displays telling you that the setting you just changed is the same one you can change right where you post, and you’ve updated it at the post as well.
You can also create lists that allow you to share Facebook posts with certain groups of friends.

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