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Chrome for Android tests the Darken Websites functionality

chrome darken websites

Many applications are now slowly but surely adopting dark mode. While some like WhatsApp had a love-hate relationship with it, others (like Instagram) quickly introduced the same without much hassle. However, with Chrome, things were different. Google introduced the same functionality a long time ago, but never fully integrated dark mode. While the Chrome user […]

How to Reset all Chrome Flags to Default State (Android & PC)

chrome flags

Google Chrome is perhaps the most feature-rich browser. To go further, the Flag section. These are the experimental features that are hidden from normal users. They not only provide for some changes to the user interface, but also tend to add more functionality. In some cases, it even allows you to change hardware and software […]

How to Preview any Link Before Opening in Chrome for Android

preview links in chrome

Often you want to preview a link before opening it in Google Chrome. Fortunately, the browser provides a very convenient feature that allows you to do it. But why would you do it, could the question be in your mind? Often, you may encounter a link that you may want to see but you are […]

Send Text from PC to Android with Chrome’s Shared Clipboard

Send Text from PC to Android with Chrome’s Shared Clipboard

When it started, Google Chrome was a lightweight, minimalist browser. Nowadays, it's a bit like another Internet Explorer. Do not approve anything, just try Brave Browser, for example, and the difference in speed is noticeable. One of the things that keeps us in step with Chrome is the familiarity, its compatibility with a Google account. […]

How to Disable Chrome Notification Popups

Chrome Notification Popups

The internet has changed a lot in the last two decades. As more and more services are online, they need websites that can do a lot more. Browsers love Chromium even allow websites to access device hardware, location, send notifications, etc., with your permission of course. But if you do not really like website notifications, […]