How to add text and change color of font in Microsoft Paint in Windows 10

Change Text color in MS Paint

Microsoft Paint is a simple but powerful application in Windows that allows you to make all the basic image changes. One of the reasons I like to use it even in the Paint 3D application is its simplicity. In this article, we will explain how to add text and change the color in MS Paint in Windows 10.

Add text and change color in MS Paint

To add text and change the font color in MS Paint in Windows 10, launch MS Paint and go to the Tools section. It offers tools such as Pencil, Fill Color, Eraser, Color Picker, Magnifier and Text. The Text tool allows you to add text to a blank image or canvas.

How to add text in MS Paint

How to add text and change color in MS Paint in Windows 10

  1. Open MS Paint and you can start with a blank canvas or open an image.
  2. That's done, click on the Text tool. It will stay pressed when you click on it.
  3. On the canvas, you can hold down the left mouse button and then draw to create a text box.
  4. Depending on the size you want, drag and draw the text box.
  5. Once you leave it, you should see a blinking cursor. Here you can type your text.
  6. If you want to change the location of the text, place your mouse on the border and drag it.
  7. When finished, click anywhere on the canvas and the text will be added to the canvas or to the picture.

That said, there is a huge disadvantage. If you accidentally click anywhere on the web, there is no way to reissue or edit anything. MS Paint will apply the text to the image. The only way out is to redo everything because it does not save the steps if you left the text box. Since there is no overlay concept in MS Paint, you will not be able to move it either.

How to change the color of the text in MS Paint

Change the color of the text in MS Paint

When you draw the text box, the MS Paint ribbon opens the options for customizing the text. You have the option to change the font style, size, bold, italic, opaque or transparent. The next section of the ribbon is Colors. Let's see how to change the color of the text.

The Color section provides the ability to select the foreground color (Color 1), the background color (Color 2), a set of preset colors, and an option to edit and choose colors. Now, let's learn to change color.

  1. In the text box, write text. The color will be the one chosen in color 1 which is usually black and the background is white (color 2)
  2. First, decide on the color of your text. You can click on any of the available palette colors or choose one by clicking on the color change option. Anything you select will become the default color of the foreground color.
  3. Then select the part of the text you want to edit and click on one of the available colors. The color of the text will change.

Transparent and opaque background

Before continuing, clarify a crucial detail. The background color will not work if you have selected a Transparent background for your text. Only when you choose Opaque, the background color will be visible.

Option to change or add colors in MS Paint

Add colors to the MS Paint color palette

When you need to use a different color than the one available in the palette, here is how you can add more colors.

  • Click Edit Colors to open a new window.
  • Here you can choose from the primary colors or use the color picker to be more precise.
  • You can use values ​​for Hue, Sat, Lum, or RGB if you have a specific requirement.
  • Once you are sure of the color, click the Add Custom Colors button at the bottom right.
  • It will add it to blank palettes or custom colors.
  • Then click, Ok, it will be available in the Colors section.
  • To replace a color, select it, then repeat the steps and it will be replaced.

This concludes everything about how you can change the text and color of text using Microsoft Paint.

I hope the tutorial was easy to follow.

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