How to become an Influencer on YouTube

How to become a YouTube Influencer

It's not easy to become a influencer. It may sound easy and fun, but it takes a lot. Whether on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, becoming an influencer requires a basic thing, namely dedication. You can become one if you wish. I've already written an article on how to become an influencer on Instagram and today I will talk about how to become an influencer on YouTube.

Youtube This is the future, the reason being that people today prefer to watch videos rather than read the content or watch the images. The videos have gained tremendous popularity around the world in recent years. In addition, creating a YouTube channel, saving videos and editing them is now easier than ever.

There are millions of YouTubers around the world, but not everyone earns millions of dollars. I have a YouTube channel with 45,000 subscribers, but I still do not earn the kind of money I would like. I'm trying to learn more to make the most of it and will share everything I know here in this post.

How to become a YouTube Influencer

Well, if you want to become an influencer on YouTube and make money, you have to keep some things in mind.

  1. Choose your niche
  2. Create and decorate your chain
  3. Produce quality content
  4. Thumbnail
  5. Plan your content strategy
  6. Optimize your content
  7. Talk to the marks.

1) Choose your niche

Some niches such as technology, fashion, beauty and health are considered lucrative, but again, the important thing is what you are good at. Choose the niche where you think you can deliver quality content. Do some in-depth research before choosing your niche, check your competitors' channels and try to understand how it works. While knowing that the subject is not enough, you must know how to convert your subject into an interesting video. When I started my YouTube channel, I only knew about women's parties, and that's how I chose this niche and I was the first to choose this niche. I'm now trying to expand my niche and add more categories, though.

Once you've decided on your niche, create a YouTube channel. You can read this free guide to learn how to create a YouTube channel and get tips and tricks on YouTube.

2) Create and decorate your chainHow to become a YouTube Influencer

Creating a new YouTube channel is not rocket science. You simply need a Google account and you can sign in to YouTube. Click & #39;Download a video & #39; and you will get a prompt to create a channel. Select your user name and you are ready to go. The next important step is to decorate your channel with quality and relevant channel images. Use good graphics for the art of the chain and make sure it matches your channel and its content. My chain art is not great and I will soon have a new one. In addition, do not forget to add a good introduction to your channel in the "About" section, this will help your users get to know you better and know your channel better.

3) Produce quality content

Yes, the content is the king. Create good content, not for Google, but for users. Try to produce useful content, it will increase your credibility with users, who will visit your channel regularly. Google also likes good content. Once your content begins to be indexed, you can not go back. Here we are talking about becoming an influencer, so you can only influence people when you are really good at it. It is therefore very important to produce convincing content. Influencers have great power, and great power always carries great responsibility; your followers follow you. It is therefore your duty to give them value.

4) Vignette

The vignette is very important. This is something that gives an instant idea of ​​your video. Make sure to create a good thumbnail for each video. You can use clickbait to get more clicks and views on your video.

5) Plan your content strategy

There is no fixed template of content strategy. Not all strategies work for everyone and, as far as I know, there are trials and errors. You must check various strategies and choose the one that works. For me, posting a new video every day gives the best results, but it may not be the same for you. Because I think it's an overcrowded market and we need to produce more and more content to be noticed, frequency is important.

6) Interact and build a community

It's always very important to interact with your subscribers, whether it's any social media platform. It's the audience / fans / followers / subscribers that make you the influencer, so get in touch with them. Ask them questions and ask them what they want to see more on your channel and follow them. Respond to their comments and try to resolve their doubts, if any.

7) Talk to the brands

Once your channel is ready with a good number of videos and subscribers, start contacting the brands and presenting your profile. Select the brand that corresponds to your niche and contact them by e-mail. Tell them that your audience might be interested in their products. Initially, you have to agree on the barter terms, but once you have a good number of subscribers, you can charge a good amount for the presentation of their products on your channel.

These are the few things I've followed to become a YouTube Influencer, I hope this will help you.

Leave your comments below if you have any other points to add.

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