Cortana is disabled on Windows 10 – Permission Issue

Cortana is disabled on Windows 10: Permission Issue

If you start Cortana and get a message that says, “Cortana is disabled, to use Cortana, you must obtain permission from your administrator“, This message will help you resolve it. Remember, this is different from the situation where Cortana is completely removed from the system. In this situation, you are not allowed to use the application itself.

Cortana is disabled on Windows 10

There are several ways to resolve this problem:

  1. Deactivate and activate Cortana
  2. Reset Cortana
  3. Reinstall Cortana
  4. Reinstall Cortana from the problematic user account.

1]Deactivate and activate Cortana

If you turned Cortana off and then turned it on, something may not have worked with the settings. Even if Cortana is available, the authorization error appears. It would be wise to start the operation again and if that does not solve the problem, reinstall it. This can happen if it was done through a third party application or using the registry and policy methods.

2]Reset Cortana

Go to Settings> Applications and search for Cortana. Select it, then click Advanced Settings. Here you can choose to reset Cortana. It can resolve any authorization issues you may have with Cortana and your Windows account.

I hope these steps will help you resolve the error, which says, “Cortana is disabled. To use Cortana, you must obtain permission from your administrator. You will likely need the permission of an administrator to resolve this problem.

3]Reinstall Cortana

Cortana is now a standalone application and can be installed from the Microsoft Store. One of the easiest ways to fix this is to uninstall Cortana using the Admin account and then reinstall it. Once installed using admin, the authorization could be corrected.

4]Reinstall Cortana from the problematic user account

Since this is a Microsoft Store app, you may want to reinstall the app from the user account that is having the problem. Make sure the user has a Microsoft account; otherwise, you will need to create one before they can use Cortana.

This is one of the strangest problems I have seen to date, which does not have a great solution. The 1st solution worked for me, and it completely failed on my side when I chose to deactivate and activate Cortana, and it was not available in the accounts of other users.

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Cortana is disabled on Windows 10: authorization problem

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