Do Not Disturb vs Silent vs Airplane Mode: How do they differ?

dnd silent aeroplane modes

Android devices provide different methods for handling calls, messages, and notifications. Among the three most common methods are the DND, silent, and the Airplane mode. Although many of you may be using one of these features for a long time, not many people are aware of the difference between Do Not Disturb and Silent mode on Android. In addition, we will also discuss the Airplane mode. In this guide, we will thoroughly examine these three methods of handling notifications for your device. However, if you're having trouble with Android notifications, check out the fixes mentioned in our guide.

What is silent mode?

As the name suggests, silent mode silences all app calls, messages, and notifications. However, the DEL and Ambient notifications will appear in their usual form, even if it were all sound. By default, your device vibrates in case you receive notifications. But you also have the option to turn it off and make the device completely silent.

What is the Do not disturb mode?

do not disturb in Android mode

NPD or Do Not Disturb mode completely disables all calls, messages, and application notifications. But compared to the silent mode and airplane mode, there is a glaring difference. This is the supply of customizations that this mode has to offer. You can let certain applications or emergency contacts send notifications even if the mode is active. In addition, it also provides a scheduling option. This allows you to set a specific time at which the NPD mode will be automatically enabled and disabled.

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What is the airplane mode?

Android airplane mode

Unlike the other two, Airplane Mode directly imposes a blanket ban on your connectivity services. This means that calls, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and other related services will remain disabled until you manually disable the service. Forget silence or mute, you will not receive calls or message notifications. However, notifications that have nothing to do with network connectivity can still reach you.

For example, some games (like candy Crush) have this recharge automatically of life every twenty-four hours. Once this period has elapsed, you are informed. Since it only uses the time of your device and has nothing to do with Internet connectivity, you can still receive these notifications even when Airplane mode is enabled.

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Steps to enable silent, DND and airplane modes

Now that you have become familiar with these three modes, let's take a look at the steps to activate these modes.

1. Silent mode: To turn on silent mode on your device, press the Up or Down key and tap the Ringtone icon. Pressing once, all notifications will go into vibrate mode. While if you press it again, your device will be muted.

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enable silent mode

However, all notifications will still be visible in both cases and the LEDs will work as is. You can also turn on silent mode on your device by going to Settings > Sounds > Drag the Ring volume at least.

2. Do not disturb: It could also be treated in the Settings > Sounds > Do not disturb section. It also allows you to customize notifications in NPD mode as follows. However, to manage YouTube or Gmail notifications, refer to our separate guides.

allow not to disturb

3. Airplane mode: You can activate it directly from the notification shadow or go to Settings > Network & Internet > Advanced > Airplane mode. You do not need to perform any type of customization in this mode.

activate airplane mode

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After considering the difference between Do Not Disturb and Silent mode, it's time to finish this article. The Silence, Do not Disturb and Air modes all play important roles, but the key is not to be confused among these three. Otherwise, you may miss important notifications. In summary, if you make a long trip where the network signals are weak, it is better to save the battery and turn on the power. Airplane mode. Otherwise, your device will continue to search for networks, which will result in much too much battery consumption. In this case, be sure to check out the top 5 battery saver apps.

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On the other hand, if you want to receive all calls, messages (even RCS) and notifications of applications, go with Silent mode. In addition, activate / deactivate the vibrations according to your needs. Finally, Do not disturb or the DND mode is best suited for situations where exceptions play an important role. Suppose you still want to receive notifications of your alarm or a call from your loved ones, then consider switching to this mode and adding the desired exceptions.

We conclude the guide on the difference between Do Not Disturb mode and Android silent mode and the meaning of Airplane mode. If you still have doubts about these three modes, ask your questions below.

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