How to add someone to Safe Senders List in Outlook

Add Email to Safe Senders List Outlook

Outlook, both the online version and the desktop version offer built-in spam protection. However, it is not without false positives. Many times, I noticed that the email of a person to whom you responded is sent in spam or junk mail. Sometimes it's even worse and new emails from the right person get mixed up with junk mail. This is where the list of approved senders comes in. In this article, we will show how to add a person to the list of approved senders from Microsoft Outlook.

Add an email ID to the list of trusted senders in Outlook

You may be using the online Outlook or Office Outlook version that is part of Office 365, Office 2020, or any other version. The steps to add someone to the list of approved senders may differ from one version to another, but they remain largely the same.

  1. Microsoft Outlook Online
  2. Office 365 Outlook
  3. Import and export the list of approved senders

If you have a lot of emails, it's better to use the last option, but make sure you read them all.

1) Microsoft Outlook Online

  • Go to and log in with your Microsoft account.
  • Click on the wheel icon at the top right, then click View all Outlook settings link
  • Then click on Junk E-mail. Here you can configure List of reliable shippers
  • You have three sections here
    • Shippers and blocked domains
    • Secure senders and domains
    • Secure mailing list
  • To add a person to the Approved Senders list, under Trusted Senders and Domain, click the Add button.
  • Type the e-mail address and press Enter. The e-mail will be included in the secure list and these e-mails will be directly in the inbox.
  • To delete, use the recycle bin icon and to edit it, use the pencil icon.
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How to quickly add someone to the list of approved senders

Add to the list of approved senders in Outlook Web

If you know that an email is incorrectly marked as spam, you can add it instantly to the security list.

  • Open the e-mail and click on the three horizontal dots next to the retransmission and replay action.
  • In the menu, look for the option "Add to safe senders".
  • Click on it, and it will be included in the list.

2) Office 365 Outlook

Add an email to the list of Outlook approved senders

Office 365 Outlook is a desktop application and the setting is slightly different from that of the online version. However, before you begin, let us understand a simple thing.

Here we can configure multiple mailboxes or e-mail ID, and the rules of junk food or The rules in the Approved Senders List may be different for each one. I have tried, but I do not see any global rule applicable to all mailboxes. For example, if the same email id must be included in the Approved Senders list, you can configure for one mailbox and export, and then import for another mailbox. More in the post at the end.

  • Launch Outlook and select an email account listed in the left pane.
  • Under the Home ribbon, in the Delete section, locate the Junk E-mail option. Click on it and select Junk mail options
  • It will open the junk mail options for this account. Switch to Safe addressees
  • Click the Add button. Here you can either enter the exact identifier of the email or, if it is a domain, add @
  • Click on the Ok button and apply it.
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From now on, no email from this sender or domain will be sent to the Junk E-mail folder.

How to quickly add someone to the list of approved senders

Mark email as safe sender

There is a faster way to add someone to the secure sender list. If you have seen an email in the junk mail folder and want to secure it, follow this method.

  • Select e-mail
  • Click junk in the ribbon menu and you will be able to choose from four options.
    • Bulk sender (not applicable here)
    • Never block the sender
    • Never block the domain of the sender
    • Never block this group or mailing list

You will receive a prompt stating that the "[email protected]" mailing has been added to your Approved Senders list. Click ok and you're done.

3) Import and export the list of reliable senders

Import Export Email in the list of approved senders

When you add too many e-mails and domains to the whitelist, we suggest you use the import / export option. You can create a text file with an email ID or a domain by link.

To understand, manually add some emails to the secure list. Then click on the export button. It will ask you to download your text file. Open the text file and you will notice that all emails and domains are listed one after the other in a new line.

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This feature is not available in Outlook Web. Therefore, if you have a large list, you can not add them one by one.

That said, it is still possible that an e-mail is moved to the Spam or Junk folders. This happens when the email has something suspicious and reported by the scanner. When a legitimate email account starts sending spam, it gets caught and you are notified. Usually, these emails will have a warning message at the top that would say something similar to …Links and other features have been disabled for this email. This is done to protect you from links that might prompt you to give personal details.

We hope that the tutorial has been easy to follow and that you have been able to add someone to the list of approved Microsoft Outlook senders.

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