Download iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Wallpapers

iPhone 11 Pro wallpapers
At a press conference in Cupertino this Tuesday, Apple has launched three other iPhones, among others. Obviously, you may have already seen some of the memes on the gas stove at the back of the phones. In addition to this new feature, the iPhone 11 and its siblings also generate new wallpapers. The link to download iPhone 11 Pro screen stock is available below. We also have Apple 2020 event screen backgrounds in 4K resolution.

IPhone 11 Wallpapers

Just a few days ago, we added new wallpapers to our IOS 13 Wallpapers collection and today we have 16 wallpapers for iPhone 11 from various sources. So these also exist in different resolutions, such as 1436 pixels x 3113 pixels, 1848 pixels x 4000 pixels, 1125 pixels x 2346 pixels and some others. In the end, these are all very high resolution screen funds that should look good on any Android smartphone with a QuadHD screen or even 4K.

Some of these wallpapers also feature a notch cut, optimized specifically for the notch of the iPhone. So you may need to crop a little, but they should be fine after that. Most of these wallpapers are lava lamps resembling patterns with dark, light backgrounds. The others are simply colorful Apple logos with different backgrounds. My favorite iPhone 11 wallpapers are the Spatial Particle Backgrounds. These are also available in various colors.

We have downloaded the screen shots below for a visual demonstration. You can click on it to see the entire image but keep in mind that it is compressed JPEG files.

Download the iPhone 11 wallpapers

We have packed all iPhone 11 Pro and Apple Event wallpapers in original PNG quality in a linked zip file below. To download, click on the link.

Do not forget to take a tour of our Apple and iOS Wallpapers Packs collection!

iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

Last year, Apple released a more economical iPhone, the iPhone XR. It far surpasses the iPhone. Even if it is still an iPhone, it does not look very good from a marketing point of view when you read in titles, the iPhone XR was a success greater than that of the iPhone X. And I guess that's why Apple decided to delete the previous name. scheme.

This year, what would have been the iPhone 11R is actually the iPhone 11. It is the popular iPhone that should sell more than others. Despite the name change, it remains the successor of the iPhone XR and has a similar display in low resolution. The phones feature the new powerful A13 Bionic processor. On the back, it has a dual camera configuration, compared to the simple camera on the previous phone.

All of these cameras are equipped with a 12MP front camera, an improvement over last year's 7MP shooter. Each of them also has an additional rear camera compared to its counterpart 2018. Each of these rear cameras is also 12 MP. All phones have a wide angle lens with the main camera. The iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max feature an additional 12 MP telephoto lens.


The iPhone 11 starts much cheaper than the cheapest iPhone last year at $ 699. iPhone 11 Pro starts at $ 999, a place previously reserved for the iPhone X and the iPhone X. The iPhone 11 Pro Max starts at the expected price point of $ 1,099.

The iPhone 11 had just been announced and few people already had the hand. We will probably have even more wallpapers, including dark and clear versions of various wallpapers, as we did with the iPad Pro wallpapers. So stay tuned for something new, if and when it will happen.

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