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whatsapp disappearing messages
Although this is the best instant messaging service, WhatsApp does not seem to pause and enjoy its glory. It is continuously updated with new features. And now, it seems that they leave no stone unturned with respect to privacy and protection. After launching the fingerprint lock feature in the app, WhatsApp now tests the self-destructing and disappearing messages. The news comes straight from WABetaInfo, whose leaks and rumors about WhatsApp are most often true. But what does this feature do and is available to everyone? Read on to find out more. Plus, if this feature seems to intrigue you, be sure to check out 25 WhatsApp tips to use WhatsApp as a pro.

What is WhatsApp Disappearing Messages?

As its name indicates, the WhatsApp Disappearing Messages feature allows you to set a specific time after which the message will self-destruct. You will have the opportunity to choose from a list of available periods. At the end of this period, the message will disappear. It goes even further than the current one Delete for everyone functionality. In the latter case, the This message has been removed the notification remains, but in this case, there would be no trace of the message disappeared.

Availability of this feature

The application is currently in the alpha stage, after which it will reach the beta stage. Once the beta phase is reached, users can try the WhatsApp Beta v2.19.279.apk. Even when the feature reaches the beta stage, do not expect that you will get this feature for sure. Indeed, these types of updates are server side and only a few users receive it initially. In addition, it should be mentioned that you must be registered in the program of the application. beta test program or get the last beta version of WhatsApp app.

How to enable the WhatsApp Disappearing Message option?

option of disappearing messages

The Disappearing Messages function of WhatsApp is (currently) located under Group setting stab. You can access it by pressing the name of the group and then going to the Group settings section. As it is in the alpha stage, the location can be fully modified if the feature is integrated with the stable version.

In addition, WhatsApp even allows you to disable its Status feature. Check out the trick to disable or disable the WhatsApp status feature.

More information

One important thing that you may have noticed is the location of this feature. Judging by its location, it seems that the feature would only be available in group chats and not in private conversations. But still, take it all with a pinch of salt, until official news comes out. Plus, WhatsApp has strangely provided only two Messages disappearing time – 5 seconds and 1 hour. You can either let WhatsApp destroy the message just after 5 seconds or after a huge interval of one hour.

Expiration date

Let's just hope that WhatsApp will eventually add the Disappearing Messages feature, with some major changes along the way. Adding this feature to personal chats and adding more time slots will be welcome. what are your opinions on this? Will the self-destruct feature of WhatsApp be as successful as Telegram and Snapchat? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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