Fix error 0x800F081E – 0x20003 during Windows 10 Upgrade

Fix error 0x800F081E – 0x20003 during Windows 10 Upgrade

L & #39; error 0x800F081E – 0x20003 is a Windows status code for CBS_E_NOT_APPLICABLEThis basically means that an update is missing or that the files already installed already have a higher version than the pending files. You may experience this error while upgrading Windows 10, especially when you try to upgrade earlier versions of Windows 10 N edition to a later version.

0x800f081E-0x20003, the installation failed in the SECOND_BOOT phase with an error during the BOOT operation

Microsoft distributes special editions "N" of Windows in Europe and editions "KN" of Windows in Korea. These are the same as the standard editions of Windows, except that they do not include Windows Media Player and other multimedia playback features. Now, when the upgrade fails with the error message and screen capture code above, the installation wizard does not provide you with information additional information about why the update could not be installed.

Fix Error 0x800F081E on Windows 10

Windows uses generic error codes. If you see the error 0x800f081e, you must first check the error log.

To do this, navigate to the following location on your PC and check the named TXT file setuperr.log with a display / text editor such as Notepad:

C: $ WINDOWS. ~ BT Sources Panther

From the report, near the end of the log file, you will notice something similar.

C: WINDOWS SoftwareDistribution Download 80b2677d6e15a2a206625bb25a7124fe amd64_Microsoft-Windows-MediaPlayer-Package ~~ AMD64 ~~ 10.0.17134.1. Error: 0x800F081E
2019-09-10 20:26:57, SP operation error having failed: Add package C: WINDOWS SoftwareDistribution Download 80b2677d6e15a2a206625bb25a7124fe amd64_Microsoft-Windows-MediaPlayer-Package ~~ AMD64 ~~ 10.0.1713.1 . Error: 0x800F081E (gle = 0x000000b7)

From the lines above, it becomes obvious that the update can not complete properly because of the Windows Media Player package. The log file may contain other error messages and other error codes. If the error 0x800f081e is listed, you can resolve the problem by following these steps.

To resolve the problem, you must uninstall the Media Feature Pack that you may have installed on your PC. If you are using Windows N, the package comes pre-installed. Then try the upgrade and, at the end of the operation, reinstall the pack.

To uninstall Media Feature Pack, follow these steps::

  • Press the Windows + R keys to call the Run dialog box. Type optionalfeatures.exe and press Enter to open the Windows Features Wizard.
  • Wait for the list of Windows features to populate, and then click the + sign to collapse the Media Features folder.
  • In the Media Features folder, shoot Windows Media Player.
  • Click on Yes then D & #39; agreement Save Changes.
  • Exit the Windows Features dialog box, restart your computer.

At startup, try to run the upgrade process through Windows Update.

If the installation succeeds, return to Windows Features and reactivate Windows Media Player. If you are using Windows 10 N Edition (or KN Edition), you can download and install the latest Media Feature Pack for your Windows 10 N or KN Edition.

You can also run the Windows Update troubleshooter and see if that helps you.

NoteNOTE: You have the option to perform an in-place upgrade, if the installation via Windows Update still fails, before you reinstall the Feature Pack.

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