Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode on Windows & Mac

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Github's m4heshd created a dark theme called WA Dark for the WhatsApp desktop client for Windows and Mac. To activate and use the WhatsApp dark mode on your computer, download the theme file according to the operating system and install it according to the instructions.

Probably the most famous IM service on the market, WhatsApp has been downloaded more than a billion times on Android only. The application has a simple user interface with all the important features that a user can ask for. Nevertheless, there is a feature that every user has been waiting for a long time. The rumor has been packed that WhatsApp will "soon" launch the dark version of its application. But it's been almost a year and the situation is still the same. Now, it seems that someone at XDA has finally paid attention to this request.

Although WhatsApp is available for mobile devices (Android, iOS) as well as for desktop computers (Windows and macOS), this theme only works on the desktop version (both Windows and macOS). So if you are among the users who are always busy on their PC and do not pick up their phone with each new message, it's time to try the desktop version, even more when a dark theme is available. he. Keep reading to learn more about activating dark mode on WhatsApp for the desktop. But before you start with this guide, why not take a look at the 25 tips and tricks of WhatsApp.

Dark Fashion on WhatsApp for Office – All You Need to Know

Member XDA M4heshd has created a small setting that thematizes the entire desktop version of the application with a dark mode. The developer has created a simple installation script with the help of NodeJS and then inject it into the source files of WhatsApp (desktop client). On the front end, he also created a simple executable file using ix that users just have to click once to activate this script.

So is it safe? Well, this one question would bother you all since the beginning of this guide. Just to dispel all these doubts, the developer has made this project open and has released all the source files on GitHub. Anyone with doubts could easily inspect all available source files. He even provided detailed instructions on creating the complete script yourself, if you still have any doubt.

He strictly insisted that he had not created a modified version of WhatsApp or used a third-party application. Instead, he just created a script that injects codes into the root directory of WhatsApp. Still, the decision is completely in your hands. DroidViews or one of its members can not be held responsible for anything that happens to your WhatsApp (or data associated with it) by trying this dark mode.


How to enable dark mode on WhatsApp for Desktop

  1. Make sure the desktop version of WhatsApp is up and running on your Windows or MacOS.
  2. Download the script in dark mode for your operating system from the section above.
  3. Extract it and launch it WADark executable file at the root of the extracted directory.
  4. Wait for the installation process to complete. It can take a minute or two.WA executable file dark
  5. That's all. Dark mode will now be enabled on WhatsApp for desktop version.

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Remove Dark Mode from WhatsApp Desktop

If you want to delete this mod and go back to the original theme, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the WADark executable file.
  2. It will ask you if you want to restore the saved Whatsapp data and files. Just type Y and press Enter.
  3. The process may take a minute to complete. Once done, close this application.disable the dark theme of WhatsApp
  4. You will now have the WhatsApp back with its original theme.

So it was an interesting tutorial on how to enable the long-awaited dark mode on WhatsApp for Desktop (Windows / macOS). If you have any doubts about any of the parts of this guide, let us know. In addition, if you want to create the full installation script yourself, refer to the instructions provided by the developer on his computer. Github page.

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