Headphone jack not working on laptop

Headphone jack not working on laptop

Some of the latest Windows notebooks that came with the NVIDIA RTX series GPUs have had problems the headphone jack does not work. However, the internal speakers continue to work well. Even with the latest versions of all drivers, this problem tends to occur. This problem occurs primarily on laptops manufactured by MSI and without a reliable solution or workaround officially announced by the company. We will look at some of the methods you can use to solve this problem. In my personal troubleshooting process, my MSI Laptop was running an updated copy of Windows 10.

The headphone jack does not work on a laptop

The following fixes will help you solve the problems of The headphone jack for laptop does not work problem:

  1. Force the restart of your computer
  2. Clean the headphone jack and plug it in again correctly
  3. Update your audio drivers
  4. Set the default helmet

1) Force the restart of your computer

This method proved to be the most effective of all. Especially for MSI laptops.

It's really simple. Make sure all unsaved work on your computer is saved before proceeding with this method.

Turn on your computer and hold down the power button for at least 30 seconds at a time.

Ignore the blinking of the screen or make changes.

Plug in and plug in your computer and turn it on automatically. It should work perfectly.

This is a strange solution, but it has been proven that it worked all the time.

2) Clean the headphone jack and plug it in again correctly

You can use a cotton swab to clean the headphone jack. Dust may have settled in the port resulting in a defective or no sound. In addition, you can try changing the headset.

3) Update your audio drivers

The best solution might be to update the drivers for your computer, especially the audio driver. For my MSI laptop, I visited the MSI official website to download the latest version of the drivers.

It is possible that an updated BIOS or audio driver will resolve this problem. Therefore, if updates to your drivers are available, consider downloading and applying them to your computer to resolve this issue.

4) Define the default helmet

Right click on the speaker icon in the taskbar and select Open the sound settings.

In the rightmost column, select the Sound control panel.

This will open a new mini window.

Under the tab of Reading, select your headphones and click on the button Define by default button.

To select Apply then click D & #39; AGREEMENT.

Your headphones should work perfectly.

Good luck!

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