Facebook updates Messenger Kids to give parents more control

fb messenger kids

It is not a hidden truth that the online world is not a safe haven for young people. And with social media, it gets even worse. With online bullying, adult and violent content still increasing, your child could unintentionally enter unwanted territory. With all of this in mind, Facebook has introduced a Messenger Kids app to keep parents fully informed of their child’s activity on this social media platform. Now, this app has been updated with more useful features. Let’s take a look at each of them in detail. We will also look at the long-term benefits for you, the parents. Also take a look at 10 Facebook tips and tricks on Android.

What’s new in Messenger Kids?

Well there were quite a few useful additions to the application. To get started, you can now see who your kids are chatting with and how often in the past month. You can also check if they are making video calls or just normal text conversations.

Aside from that, Messenger Kids also allows parents to view recent media files that have been shared by your child. These include all the images and videos your child has sent or received from someone. And if you find an image not known to be viewed, you can also delete it remotely.

Other updates

The app now also has a separate block / report section that lists all the actions your child has taken and why. This includes any blocked messages, blocked contacts, or any contact / message he has reported. In addition, below, you can also see the reason why they took this action. Likewise, you will continue to receive updates as your child takes such action.

You can also view the entire list of devices your child is connected to Messenger Kids. And if you find that they should not be connected to a particular device, you can delete their account from the Parents dashboard section.

Just as you can upload your Facebook data, the same goes for your child’s Messenger Kids account. The download will include a list of all of your child’s contacts. Apart from that, you can also get all the messages, images and videos they have shared or received. But do one thing in mind. As you ask Facebook to download the Messenger children’s data, your child will also be informed.

So these were the new updates to the Messenger Kids app. Just go to the Play Store, update the app and go to the Parent Dashboard section to access this feature.

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