Find the best Posts and Recommendations on Reddit using these tools

Find the best Posts and Recommendations on Reddit using these tools

Reddit is one of the best places on the web to find all that is great, but sometimes it is not easy to find the best messages on the platform. You may be wondering how this can be made easier and you know what? We wondered the same thing.

Find the best articles and recommendations on Reddit

With this in mind, we decided to browse the web to find the best tool that could help us find the best messages and recommendations on Reddit. Unsurprisingly, we came across several online tools, including apps, that can do the job very well.

Since TWC is a Windows-based website, we will only talk about online tools designed to be used via a web browser instead of Android and iOS apps.

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1) Most spoken books

If you like reading books, you are the same as many nice people on Reddit, so you're in luck. Visiting TopTalkedBooks.comyou can find daily book recommendations from a variety of sources, and Reddit is one of them.

Users can limit themselves to Reddit-only sources, but we would not recommend it, even if the decision ultimately belongs to you.

2) Walnut TV

Do you like to watch YouTube like us? OK, it's cool, because people share tons of videos on Reddit, would not it be great to have them all in one place? We agree. To watch these YouTube videos, you will have to visit Walnut TV, and guess what? Each video can be viewed from the tool itself.

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No need to leave YouTube unless you really want to leave a comment, or anything else that has nothing to do with watching.

Also note that Walnut.TV is also available for Android.

3) Things on Reddit

People always share products on Reddit, so if you're looking for something to buy or watch, then why not try If a product is shared multiple times by contributors, it is likely that it will become a favorite.

In case of need, the user can sort the products via karma, mentions, etc. As it stands, it is without a doubt a powerful tool for finding good products for Christmas, New Year and other holidays.

4) Unread

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Which makes unique among all the options on this list is the fact that it is a newsletter. When using this tool, it is not necessary to visit Reddit regularly. Just subscribe to the newsletter that interests you, and that's all, the work is done.

Sit down and wait for Unreadit to send you email newsletters for the sub-credit you subscribe to.

Have we missed it?

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