Best free Twitter clients for Windows 10


Twitter is clearly the most important social media website after Facebook. This helps us stay up-to-date with celebrity and politician statements. Imagine how wonderful it would be to be able to use Twitter as a client application on your system.

Free Twitter Clients and Apps for Windows 10

The strict restrictions of the Twitter API have left very few third-party Twitter clients in the game. But it's a blessing in disguise. Quality triumphs over quantity. Only the best apps from the most dedicated developers have flourished.

  1. Twitter
  2. Tweeten
  3. Fenice
  4. TwitDuck
  5. Tweetz.

Let's take a look at the best Twitter clients and applications currently available for Windows.

1) Twitter

This is Twitter's own application for Windows 10 users. There will however be some restrictions. You can not access trend topics or hashtags at a glance. You can not filter your search either. In addition, you can not schedule your tweets.

Why use this client anyway? You can search and embed GIFs in your Tweets. You can also share your comments with Microsoft about the changes you need in the application. Click on the Smiley at the top of the window to let Microsoft know what you think of the application.

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Learn more about the official Twitter app here.

2) Tweeten


Tweeten is probably the best Twitter client for Windows. This application enriches the Twitter experience of several degrees. You can manage multiple Twitter accounts on the same device. You can schedule tweets, apply GIFs, track your DMs, and manage lists. Download the Tweeten application on Microsoft the shop and enjoy a multi-column user interface.

3) Fenice

Free Twitter Clients for Windows 10

This is the only premium Twitter client on this list. Given the features you get, the price is nominal at under $ 2. You benefit from top-level customization options, spell checking, retweet formatting, and shortening links. Download this Winuser application right right here. You can drag and drop images into your tweet and even put your tweets in queue.

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4) TwitDuck

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TwitDuck is a third-party Twitter client developed by Ranyart Systems. It was released in 2020 to fill the shoes of Tweet Deck. TweetDeck started as a third-party application for Twitter. It was acquired by Twitter Inc. in 2011, only to be abandoned for Windows.

Download the TwitDuck app for Windows from Microsoft the shop to avoid hidden tab issues. Look for activity and notifications on the same screen. You can filter out irrelevant tweets and customize your feed to prioritize mentions, direct messages or hot topics.

5) Tweetz

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Tweetz is perhaps the simplest free application available for Twitter, but it is also the simplest. This easy-to-use client can be downloaded from its official website right here. The best part of Tweetz is that it simply replicates Twitter data on the desktop app and allows you to tag and publish from the computer itself. It does not use the system well beyond.

These are the most popular Twitter apps for Windows 10 that are currently available. Try them all to find the perfect fit.

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