Fix: Outlook Data File Cannot be Accessed [0x8004010F]

Fix: Outlook Data File Cannot be Accessed [0x8004010F]

The Outlook data file is not accessible. The error is a very common mistake. The worst thing is that you do not know how to handle the error.However, you do not have to worry. In this article, I will briefly explain how to fix Unable to access the output data file Mistake.

When you use MS Outlook while staying connected to the Exchange server, all mailbox data on the server is stored in a local file called Offline storage table (OST) file. This file can be considered a replication of your Exchange mailbox because it stores locally all the account records available on the server.

The main role of this data file will appear if the Exchange server is experiencing downtime, this may be due to maintenance as well as some technical issues, and so on. When such things happen, you can continue to work with the OST file locally without being interrupted and the change you make to the account is attached to your Exchange account once the server starts working properly.
However, you may sometimes experience errors when you try to access your Exchange mailbox data through the OST file. These errors may occur due to a faulty synchronization between Outlook and Exchange or, due to some other problems with the OST file. Often, the problems in the OST file invoke errors in access to the mailbox. Here I am going to help you on a common OST error, 0x8004010F, and the methods to remedy it.

This error 0x8004010f is very frustrating because it prevents you from accessing your important Outlook data file. It normally appears during the "Send / Receive" operation with a message reading like this:

"Sending a Reported Error (0x8004010F):" Unable to Access Outlook Data File ""

"0x8004010F: The operation failed. An object can not be found »

These errors occur most often when you try to

  • Receive or send e-mails in Outlook.
  • Set up the email account
  • Synchronize the offline Outlook data file
  • Synchronize the offline address book.
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Reasons causing 0x8004010F Mistake

The reason to encounter this error may be different for different systems. However, we will consider them all equally. Some possible reasons for the error "Unable to access the Outlook data file" and "the operation failed. An object is not found »are:

  • Bad location PST files
  • PST files are moved to another location.
  • Upgrading Outlook
  • The stored information has an invalid entry ID pointing to folders where the clients have nothing to download.
  • The OST file became corrupt or unusable.
  • The MS Outlook profile is not tested correctly.

How to Fix the Error "Unable to Access the Outlook Data File"

Here are some proven and effective methods associated with the steps to fix the "Unable to access the Outlook data file" error in a few clicks. Follow them wisely and you will easily get rid of the error in a few clicks.

1. Correction by the Keep Profile method

You can try this if you have multiple email accounts. Follow the steps and this will solve your problem, but if it does not help you in your case, you will need to create a new profile. Here are the steps:

Step 1: go first to "File" in Outlook. Then go to "Account settings" or "Account Information". There, click "Account settings."

Step-2: Now locate and click "Change folder."

Step-3: click "New Outlook Data File" to create a new temporary use data file. Name the file "sample", "test file" or whatever you want, then click "D & # 39; agreement."

Step 4: Expand the subfolders in the newly created data file and select "Mailbox" it's not already selected. Then click "D & # 39; agreement" and go back to "Account settings." Then click on "Change folder" as you did in step 2.

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Step-5: Select your data file again and expand the subfolders. To select "Mailbox" as you did earlier and click on "D & # 39; agreement."

Step-6: Now go carefully to "Data files" tab and delete the temporary PST file from your profile.

Step-7: Quit the account settings and use Outlook.

Finished. You have completed the procedure successfully. You can now use Outlook without encountering the "Unable to access the Outlook data file" error. If that does not solve your problem, scroll down to the method mentioned below. This will surely help you as he has done many others.

2. Correct by creating a new profile

You can simply create a new Outlook profile and counter the error. Follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: At first, go to "Control panel," Locate "Mail" and click on it. After opening the email applet, click "Show profiles".

Step 2: click "Add" to create a new profile. Once the new profile is created, you can delete the old ones. In addition, it does not matter if you delete the old ones first as long as you use a unique name for the new profile.

Step 3: Now you have to use "Automatic Account Configuration" to add your account to the newly created profile.

Step 4: If you are a POP3 user, after adding your account, check the box "Change the account configuration" then click "Next." This will allow you to use your old PST file.

Step-5: Select your old PST files to continue. After that, leave the dialogs but not "Mail" dialogue. If you use IMAP, it creates a new data file.

Step-6: Now, before deleting the "Mail" dialog box, delete your old profile and select the new profile in the "Always use this profile" option.

Step 7: Just restart Outlook and wait patiently.

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That's it. You have successfully completed the procedure. You are now free to use Outlook without encountering the error "Unable to access the Outlook data file" on your screen. If the error persists, try the following method mentioned below.

3. Correct by locating the Outlook data file

In conclusion and comparatively, it is the simplest method if you want to try. You can try this one and this could help solve your problem. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to "Control panel" then "Mail."

Step-2: Now locate and click "Show profiles".

Step-3: Select the current Outlook profile and click on the "Properties" option.

Step 4: Now check the "Always use this profile" option if it is not checked. Then click on "Ok".

Step-5: Return to the Outlook Mail Setup dialog box and click "Data files."

Step 6: After accessing the account settings, go to "Data files" tab. Note the correct name and location of the default data file for your Outlook profile.

Step-7: Click "Close" option.

That's it. By following this method, you can access the data file in a few clicks and this will fix the "Unable to access the Outlook data file" error.


These are the best methods of working to fix the error. Unable to access the Outlook data file. I hope you found what you were looking for. If you have questions or questions, comment in the comments section below. Have a nice day, friends!

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