How to calculate Median in Excel

The median represents a value that separates the upper half of the bottom half of a sample data. Microsoft Excel has a function that allows you to easily calculate the median. Let's see how median calculation in Excel.

Median calculation in Excel

The middle function in Excel can be classified as a statistical function. It can be entered as part of a formula in a cell of a spreadsheet. The syntax of the MEDIANE function is as follows:

MEDIAN (number1, (number2), …)

Where number1, number2, … are numerical values ​​for which you want to calculate the median. It can be numbers, named ranges or references to cells containing numbers. Number 1 is mandatory, the following numbers are optional.

To use the MEDIANE function as a worksheet function in Microsoft Excel:

  1. Enter the values ​​in the cells
  2. Use the formula to calculate the value.

1) Enter the values ​​in the cells

Suppose you want to find the median of the numbers in the cells D2: D8. Simply enter the value of the data by opening a blank Excel sheet and proceeding as follows,

Make a column of average monthly expenses and another column, adjacent to that of the amount.

Enter the description in column 1 and the corresponding value or amount in column 2

2) Use the formula to calculate the value

Now, to calculate the median click inside any cell and use the formula as simple as this one:


Instantly, the median value corresponding to the data will be visible in the cell. Here, it is important to note that when the total number of values ​​is odd, the MEDIAN Excel function returns the middle number in the data set, that is, when it is there are numbers from 1 to 7, the median value will be 4 (1,2, 3,45,6,7)

Alternatively, when the total number of values ​​is even, Excel will return as the average of the two intermediate numbers, that is, if there are numbers from 1 to 8, the median value will be ( 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,8) 4 + 5/2 = 4.5

You do not have to worry about cells with texts because empty cells, as well as cells containing text and logical values, are ignored.

Note: Cells with null values ​​(0) are included in the calculations.

In the most recent versions of Microsoft Excel, the MEDIAN function accepts up to 255 arguments.

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