Fix Windows Activation error code 0xc004f074

Windows Activation error 0xC004F074

When you try to upgrade your computer to Windows 10, you receive Windows activation error 0xC004F074; the cause may then be due to a version mismatch between the KMS client and the KMS host machine.

0xC004F074 – The Key Management Server (KMS) is not available.

This error can also occur when there may be a time difference between the KMS client and the KMS host machine.

Windows activation error 0xC004F074

If you receive the 0xc004f074 activation error code, make sure that your Windows copy is fully updated. Once done, follow these suggestions to solve the problem:

  1. Install KMS Product Key
  2. Use the Activation Troubleshooter Utility
  3. Resynchronization time.

1) Install the KMS product key

You will need to uninstall and then reinstall the product key by running CMD as the administrator.

Now, to uninstall the existing key, run the following command:

slmgr.vbs /upk

To install the KMS product key, run this command:

slmgr.vbs /ipk  

Transfer the Windows 10 license to another computer

Once this is done, you will receive a prompt indicating whether the operation was successful.

To enable the key online, run this command:

slmgr.vbs /ato

To learn how to activate it with the help of the phone, run this command:

slui.exe 4

After enabling the KMS key, restart your computer.

You can then also check the activation status to see if your fix has been successful.

2) Use the troubleshooting of the activation


The Windows 10 activation problem solving tool will help you to troubleshoot the most frequently encountered activation issues on Windows devices.

If you can not activate Windows 10, open Settings> Update and Security, and click the Activation button in the left pane. Then click on the Troubleshooting button.

3) Resynchronization time

Run the following command to resynchronize the time on the client machine:

w32tm /resync

See if that helps you.

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