Best Lightweight Android Browsers with Flash Support

lightweight android browsers
There are a handful of good browsers to choose from, but the question is which one is the best. Here, I will mention two of these specific browsers which, despite their lightness, have unique characteristics. Below we will list some of the best lightweight Android browsers that give you a good browsing experience, require little RAM and comparatively less hardware resources.

Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera are without a doubt the biggest and most popular web browsers. The problem is not that all devices can run it. Most of you will agree that on medium or low end smartphones, the browsing experience of these browsers can be slow or frustrating. That is why we decided to write this article. For those who use low-end smartphones, do not worry, we will save you.

1. Dolphin – Best Web Browser

Lightweight specifically means that the browser experience will be latency-free and will include all the features of a high-end browser like Chrome. Such a browser is Dolphin. It has all the features combined in a small, lightweight box that any device can lift. To enter the geography, the browser has features of blocking ads, Flash Player (games and videos) and synchronization in the cloud.

Cloud synchronization function

The main reason for choosing this browser is the synchronization feature in the cloud. The Cloud Sync feature not only lets you download your browser data to your cloud storage, but also allows you to sync your browser history and important items such as browser information. identification with your Chrome browser. This means that if you have a PC and want to open a site that you have just opened on your phone, you can do it. Yes, it would require a connection, both on the Android device and on the PC with the Google account. How many browsers do you remember that offers this feature? Well, I do not remember one at the moment.

Flash Player

Talking about the flash drive is fine but could have been better. However, some adjustments are needed to activate the flash drive in the browser. Do not worry, screenshots to enable the feature are provided.Android Dolphin Browser

Overall experience

One thing I hated about this browser was its typing experience. I challenge you to type the site you want to search without making a single mistake. The automatic correction feature is awful. Fortunately, this function can be disabled in the settings menu. The navigation experience is great. However, some delay may be noticed when using the flash drive. I would recommend turning it off without using it.

Themes, Ad-Block and Data Backup

The browser has something even bigger to offer the ability to customize themes. It also has a dedicated theme store with many themes. The ad blocking feature of this browser works as expected. The ability to back up data can be useful for people with limited data. The savings realized during my normal navigation were extended to 67%. But I did not notice any real difference until I looked at the page very closely.

dolphin browser themes red dolphin browser theme

In short, what do you need in a browser? This lightweight Android browser is definitely worth a try.

2. Puffin Web Browser

Looking at the features that the browser offers popularity is not up to par. I think it's because of his strange name. Nevertheless, the browser is excellent with good features. It offers what you expect from a normal browser. It has the Ad Block feature, the Flash Player plugin and some themes to choose from. The navigation experience is without lag. However, the animations are not so good and fluid. Still, they really feel bad quickly.

Virtual trackpad and overall experience

An additional unique feature that this browser offers in an ingenious virtual trackpad. Enabling this feature opens a virtual trackpad. This trackpad works like any normal trackpad present on a laptop. A mouse pointer is displayed and can be controlled with the help of this touchpad. The pointer can be used to navigate web pages. Personally, I did not like this idea because the trackpad covers part of the screen. Devices with smaller screen sizes will certainly not like it. But it will not be a problem until we use it. The registration of web pages for offline access is also available.puffin navigator

puffin browser virtual mouse

Theater mode and cloud protection

Theater mode allows the user to display games and videos in full screen. This is very useful if the webpage does not offer any full screen mode. All traffic passing through Puffin is encrypted. Navigating with an unsecured public Wi-Fi network is secure, but Puffin developers do not recommend it.Puffin Browser Features puffin browser Android


This is the best feature of the browser. The add-ons provided are useful and the best part is that they do not slow down the browsing experience. Theoretically, they do it, but practically the users will not see it. Evernote, Pocket, Translator and many other names are among the useful add-ons.

3. UC mini browser

Those who have been using smartphones for a long time, UC Browser is not a new name for them. This is the best browser you can have for your smartphone. You can speed up your downloads and stabilize them. It has the resume and pause function for downloading files.

UC Browser mini for Android

Plus, it has an integrated video player that lets you watch videos without interruption. In addition, it has a night mode, a blocker of advertisements, several themes to choose from, and more. You also get a data compressor, as well as incognito and normal functions. The UC Browser also supports gestures.

The disadvantage of the application is the way it handles the data of its users. You can read the confidentiality agreement before using it. If you have nothing to hide, it's a good lightweight browser for your smartphone.

Size of the application: <12 MB

4. via the browser

Via Browser is another lightweight Android browser. It is based on the platform on which Google Chrome is developed. That's why you will see a lot of features identical to those of Chrome. This is a free and lightweight web browser. This application has a simple and clean design. However, Via Browser does not compromise the customization options.

Via Android Browser

You can control the appearance, the way you interact, the sensations and most things. It proposes to change the background, to activate / deactivate the browser logo or to adjust the opacity of the background. It's fast, lightweight and gives smooth performance.

In addition, it has the incognito mode, automatically clears the history of your browser, you can even customize the navigation button. In addition, it gives you more advanced features. You can block images when you use mobile data or change the browser agent.

Size of the application: <2 MB

5. Web Browser Monument

The Monument web browser is also based on Chromium WebView. It is fast, secure, intuitive and specially designed for readers. You have many features such as floating windows, ad blocker, dark theme, and more. This free web browser also provides you with advanced download features, such as the resume download feature.

Monument Web Browser Application for Android

Plus, it's free of ads. You can download multiple files at an accelerated speed. In addition, you can even intercept the download links. It gives you complete security of data confidentiality.

It offers a lot of customization options. As you can set the address bar up or down, in play mode, night mode, and so on. You also get an image mode in the image.

Size of the application: <1.5 MB

6. FOSS Browser

The FOSS browser is based on the WebView platform. This allows you to control your navigation and your personalization. The navigation bar, the search bar, the preview tab are placed at the bottom of the screen for easy use. It is optimized for one-handed use.

FOSS Browser for Android

In addition, the FOSS browser is ad-free and does not require unnecessary authorization. Your private data is saved in an encrypted form. In addition, you can share your PDF, link or screenshot with a tap. You also have many customization options such as themes, background, and other user interface changes.

This is a great option for older Android devices because it is lightweight and runs smoothly.

Size of the application: 2.8 MB

7. Phoenix Browser

Phoenix is ​​an excellent, lightweight Android browser based on Chromium WebView. You can watch online videos with the built-in optimized video player without the need for a third-party application. In addition, it offers a faster download of videos.

Phoenix browser app for Android

There is a lot of clutter on the homepage once you have installed the application. But, you can change and disable them from the settings menu. The Private Space feature allows you to store your browsing history and uploaded videos in a separate database.

This app is good for older Android phones or people who are traveling ore. The video player is the standout feature of this app.

Application size: 7.4 MB

8. Hermit: Lite Application Browser

The Hermit browser is one of the best lightweight Android browsers. It allows you to create a lightweight application for websites that you visit frequently. His library already contains a number of ready-to-use applications. You can tap the icon to install the application instantly. You just need to enter the link and Hermit will create an app for the website.

Hermit Web Browser for Android

In addition, you can also customize the settings of each application. For example, one application can be set for desktop mode and another in mobile view mode. In addition, you also get night mode, RSS feeds, play mode, and more.

This is a must have app for older Android devices. This free web browser can be unlocked by purchasing unlocking software for $ 5.

Size of the application: 4.1 MB

9. Lynket Browser

Lynket is a unique browser based protocol for the custom Chromium tab. Every time you open a link, the application you use opens. This allows you to perform several tasks more easily and with the help of floating bubbles. Other browsers are based on the older version of WebView, which takes them longer to load.

Lynket Web Browser

In addition, you also have many customization options. You can change the color of the toolbar, the play mode for reading articles, use the Google AMP mode, and more. In addition, if you use an older phone, this can help you speed up your browsing experience.

Size of the application: 4.1 MB

10. Opera Mini

Opera Mini is a popular and one of the best lightweight Android browsers. It is used by millions of people around the world. This is probably the fastest, lightest and most powerful web browser available. Out of the box, it comes with a turn on incognito mode. It has a smart download feature that saves the data. You also get night mode.

Opera Mini Web Browser

You can customize the data backup feature by setting it too strong or extreme compression. In addition, in high compression mode, the lighter version of the website will be displayed. In addition, extreme compression sometimes breaks the page itself. This mode will be useful when network coverage is low.

Size of the application: varies according to the device

That was it, guys! Which browser do you use? Let us know in the comment section below. Another important thing to mention is that these browsers have been tried on a low-end smartphone (ASUS Zenfone 5). Thus, the test results mentioned relate to devices of short range and work perfectly.

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