Google Launches Shortened URLs for Google Apps

google shortened url
Nobody likes to enter long shortcuts in the address bar. Keeping this in mind, Google has launched new shortened URLs for its various applications. Some of these apps include Google Keep, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Google Slides, and Google Sites. This is made possible by the launch of the .New domain published by Google. Needless to say, all these shortened URLs are independent of the browser and the operating system (yes, it also works on Android). That said, let's take a look at Google's newly shortened URLs.

Short URL of Google Doc

The free online document editing tool, Google Docs, is the best alternative to Microsoft Office applications. It allows you to edit and create new documents, create resumes, reports, proposals and more. In addition, all your work is recorded and synchronized permanently on all your devices with the same Google ID. It also allows live editing and sharing features. To open it, you had it before But now, several other shortened Google URLs have made their way. These include:, or

Google Sheets

Similar to Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets lets you create large spreadsheets. The presence of colorful graphics and graphics allows you to present your data report in a simplified and easy-to-understand way. Built-in formulas, pivot tables, and conditional formatting options help you easily manage your spreadsheets. All these complex calculations will now be a thing of the past. To access the sheets, Google has published these shortened URLs. Existing also exists.,, or

Google Slides

Numerous presentation themes, hundreds of fonts, embedded videos, and animations help create an impressive presentation. In addition, all members of your team can collaborate and work together. And all saved changes will be accessible to all your members. To use this convenient feature, use However, you can also use short URLs recently published by Google for this app.,, deck.newor

Short URL of Google Form

This is used to create complete and interactive forms. From managing registrations to conducting a quick survey, to collecting e-mail addresses for a newsletter, she can handle everything. it contains tons of customization options for designing your forms. All responses to your surveys are carefully and automatically collected in forms, with information and graphs of real-time response. You can also export the results to Google Sheets. Instead of using, try the new Google Short URL below. or

Google Sites

It provides an effective way to create new websites. The availability of many themes, fonts and customization options complements the user experience. Once the web page is created, you can publish it on the web in a few clicks. To access this site, use or one of Google's short URLs.,, or

Google Keep Abbreviated URL

The perfect Google note taking app. In addition to notes, you can even add lists and photos to Keep. Adding color or labels to your notes helps distinguish the most important ones from others. You can even record a voice memo and the application will transcribe it for you. Plus, once you sign in with your Google ID, notes are synced across all your devices. To access it, you previously used Although the same thing still exists, you can also use Google's shortened URL.

These are shortened URLs recently published by Google for its most popular apps. Present your point of view on the same subject in the comments section below.

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