Google Messages 5.2 Adds a Chat Reminder Feature

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This can happen countless times when you want to reply to a message later. But most often, you end up forgetting the same thing. In these cases, you can take help of any reminder application. But if you use the Google Messages version 5.2 application, you can definitely abandon the reminder app, at least for this purpose. Google Messages has recently been updated with the Chat reminder functionality. As its name indicates, this allows you to set reminders for a chat. To start using this feature, see the instructions below. However, if you want to send and receive encrypted text, see the Silence app.

Google Messages Chat Callback

To try this feature, you need to get your hands on Google Messages v5.2. This version is not available on the Play Store or on third-party sites such as APKMirror. This version is only available for beta testers. If you want this version of the application, sign up as beta tester right now. Once installed, follow the steps below to enable the Google Messages chat reminder feature. Plus, you can even let the Google Assistant app send and reply to your text messages. Refer to our guide on the same.

  1. When a message arrives on your device, you will see the new option of Recall 1 hour. If you select the same thing, the Messages application will remind you to reply to this sender after one hour.reminder of messages
  2. You can further customize this option by going to Messages. Long-press the message whose response you want to delay. You will see a l & #39; clock icon on the top right. tap on it will open the Set a reminder option.set the message reminder
  3. You can choose from all available options or create your own. For the latter, press Select the date and time and enter the desired time or date.
  4. After this time, you will receive a reminder of the Google Messages chat. You can press Show me or later, trace the reminder of an additional hour via the button Recall 1 hour option.reminder arrived
  5. You can even do the same thing by opening the desired message and tapping on the clock icon just to the right of the message.

This was the new Chat Recall feature of Google Messages. But the update does not end here. In the same version, Google added a little Easter eggs as well as. When you open the Messages application, simply press the Message keyword 10 times present at the top. All your messages will now make a small movement around his position. The reason for its introduction is to guess.

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