Just Another Batch File Renamer is perfect for renaming multitude of files

Just Another Batch File Renamer is perfect for renaming multitude of files

Users of hardcore computers are always on the Warning for all the tools that can make their lives easier. You see, people who have a lot of files on their Windows 10 computer know that it's hard to rename many of these files without help. We will help you in that regard. A few weeks ago we discovered a program called Just another batch file Renamer, or JABFR to shorten it. Yes, it's a matter of renaming multiple files at the same time quickly and easily, every time.

We must now emphasize that this program is based on JAR, which means that you must first install Java Runtime Environment before proceeding. Without it, the tool will not work in any capacity, so keep that in mind. If for any reason you are If you are not a fan of running Java applications in any form, we advise you to take the time to try an alternative to JABFR.

Just another Batch File Renamer software for PC

To rename multiple files at the same time, you need the ideal tool, which could very well be Just Another Batch File Renamer.

1) the user interface

Users will immediately notice how easy it is to understand the user interface because it gets straight to the point. All that is needed to make things happen, that is available from the main screen and it's great to get the job done quickly.

Probably the only drawback of the user interface is the makes it look old But apart from that, everything else is fine from our point of view.

2) Add files

OK, so it's extremely easy to add files to rename them. Just click the Enter button, select all the files and add them, that's all, to be honest. It should not be too difficult to add as many files as you want, so go ahead.

We must also emphasize that it is also possible to modify the file extension as you see fit. This may be practical in rare cases, so do not forget it.

3) It's time to rename some files

Renaming files is a very easy task because everything is at hand. Simply select the file you want to edit, and then look below for any options you can change. The user can change the prefix, suffix, sequence, and so on.

Make sure to check the Replace all files box, then from there, go back to the beginning and click on the Rename button. After that, sit back and wait until the tool finishes the task and then you are everything's gonna Be Alright.

Download Just Another Batch File Renamer from official site.

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