Google Stadia has no games? Here’s how to delete your Google Stadia account

Google Stadia has no games? Here’s how to delete your Google Stadia account

Google Stadia in its current form is simply not good enough, and it is a problem for many of its users. With the lack of quality games, some people may be wondering how to deactivate their account and just walk away from the platform, at least for the time being.

We have to admit that the idea behind Google Stadia is not bad. The platform allows anyone with an Internet connection to broadcast video games from anywhere in the world without the need for a video game console or an ultra-powerful gaming computer.

These games can be played via Google Chrome with relative ease, as long as your internet connection is top notch. Without sufficient decent speed, the games will stutter and the overall experience will fall by the wayside.

Note that Microsoft is working on its own streaming platform known as Project xCloud. The service is still in the testing phase, but should be ready for prime time before the end of the year. We suspect that Microsoft will make an announcement when it introduces E3 2020 when it unveils the Xbox Series X in all its glory.

How to delete your Google Stadia account

With the lack of games, subscribers have little reason to keep their Google Stadia account. Best bet? Delete it. Here’s how!

  1. Open Delete Google Service.
  2. Log in with the Google account you have linked to your Stadia account.
  3. Select Stadia from the list
  4. Read the summary of what happens when you delete Stadia from your Google Account.
  5. Select Required.
  6. Click Delete Stadiums.

Consider the ramifications

Before continuing, remember that once you delete your account, you will no longer have access to any of your games. It gets worse when you realize that the content you purchased will also disappear as there is no way to download it for offline use.

So before you take the big step to delete your account, just be prepared to lose all of your content as there is no way to get it back, even if you re-create your account at a later date.

It’s time to delete your Stadia account

OK, so the first step is to click here to visit Delete a Google service. From here, you should see a list of all of your Google services. Log in with your account information, then click the Delete button next to Google Stadia.

The user should then see a section that says Delete stadiums from your Google account. Below, check the required box and finally click on DELETE STADIUMS.

Now you can recover your account with all your data before 30 days after the deletion. Once a month has passed, there will no longer be any chance of recovering anything.

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