Downgrade iOS 16.1 to 15.7 without losing data!

downgrade iOS 16.1 to 15

Downgrade iOS 16.1 to 15

Looking for a way to downgrade iOS 16.1 to 15 without losing data? Not happy with the issues in 16.1 and want to revert to a signed iOS 15 build until the latest OS is released? You can still do it!

Update, November 4: iOS 15.7 has just been unsigned! This downgrade is no longer possible!

Downgrade iOS 16.1 to 15

downgrade ios 16.1 to 15.7 iphone xs

We have already shown that you need to downgrade to iOS 15.7 from iOS 16.0.3 and 16.0.2 and 16.0.

Fortunately, iOS 15.7 is still signed and you can use the same downgrade sequence to install it on any compatible iPhone version except the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro line.

Downgrade iOS 16.1 to iOS 15 Requirements

downgrade iOS 16.1 to 15.7 finder

  • A computer (Mac or Windows) with Searcher / itunes.
  • The iOS 15.7 ipsw filewhich you need to manually download to your computer from here.
  • A Lightning to USB Cable. (to connect iPhone to computer)
  • A encrypted backup of your device. (Ideally done in iOS 15.7.)
    Point: It works even if you don’t. We’ll show you how to modify the backup!

How to Downgrade iOS 16.1 to 15.7

  • 1. Connect iPhone to Computer using a USB to Lightning cable.
  • 2. Open Finder (on Mac) or iTunes (on Windows).
  • Point: Finder comes pre-installed on macOS. For Windows, if you’ve never used iTunes before you need to download it from here. (direct link).

  • 3. Make an encrypted backup from your iPhone using Finder (on Mac) or iTunes Computer (on Windows).
  • 4. On iPhone, go to Settings -> Apple ID -> Find My and turn off Find My iPhone. Otherwise, you will get an error while trying to restore the device.
  • 5. Hurry alt key (optional) + left click Restore iPhone on Mac. (Shift key + left click Restore iPhone in Windows).
  • 6. Select the newly downloaded iOS 15.7 ipsw file from the dialog that appears. Click on Open. Click on Restore to confirm that you want your iPhone erased and iOS 15.7 restored! Be patient until the process is complete.
    ios 16.1 downgrade process
  • seven. Use the Restore from this backup possibility of recovering your data. Select Backup from the drop-down menu. Otherwise, you can configure as a new device.
    restore iphone from this backup
  • Important: If you are using a newer backup, made in an iOS 16 version, you will get an error similar to:

    “iTunes could not restore iPhone because the backup was not compatible with the iPhone being restored.”

    To fix: If this happens, please manually edit your iOS backup as shown here.
    change backup ios 16.1 for ios 15.7

Video guide: You can also watch the downgrade steps mentioned below:

Did you successfully downgrade iOS 16.1 to 15.7 without data loss? Do you have questions or do you need more help? Share your impressions in the comments!

Related: iOS 15.7.1 may also be available for downgrade. His IPSW links are available here. We haven’t tested this yet.

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