How do I delete a Virtual Drive in Windows 10

Remove a Virtual Drive from Windows 10

Virtual disks in Windows 10 have functions similar to external hard disks and can be used for a variety of purposes. However, once their goal is reached, they may not be needed anymore. In this case, you may want to delete them. Here's what you need to do for delete or delete a virtual drive under Windows 10.

Delete a virtual drive from Windows 10

Assuming that the capacity of your physical hard disk is limited, follow these steps to remove a virtual drive in Windows 10.

  1. Delete the virtual disk via 'This PC'
  2. Delete virtual drives with the Disk Management Console

Let us guide you through the procedure!

1) Delete a virtual disk via the 'This PC' route

Go to the 'This PC' option and select the virtual drive you wish to remove from your Windows 10.

Right-click on the drive and choose 'properties'Option.

Then, when the Properties dialog box opens, switch to "EquipmentThe tab & # 39 ;, select your virtual disk and press the buttonproperties"Again, visible under"Device Properties& #39; section.

Now go back toDriver"Tab and press"Disable device& #39; button. Also press'Uninstall the device'Tab to uninstall the device from the system (advanced)

When prompted, restart your computer.

If the above method does not remove the virtual drive or if the device uninstall option is grayed out, go to the next method.

2) Remove virtual drives with the Disk Management Console

Simultaneously press the Win + R keys to open theRun& #39; dialog box.

Type & #39;diskmgmt.msc ' in Run and click OK to open Disk Management.

When the Disk Management Console opens, right-click the virtual disk listed in the Volume column and selectDelete volume"

Instantly, a message appears prompting you to save the data before deleting the volume. Follow the desired action plan.

Delete a virtual drive from Windows 10

The action will leave users an unallocated virtual drive space. Then, to delete the virtual hard disk file, right-click the disk number with the unallocated space, and then selectDetach VHD ' option.

Select the Remove virtual hard disk file option after you delete the disk in the window that opens.

Click the OK button.

That's it! When you check this PC section again, you should not find the virtual drive listed here, which indicates that it has been removed successfully.

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