How to add and use OneNote notebook to Microsoft Teams

OneNote in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a powerful team collaboration hub, helping to bring together the people, content, and tools your team needs to be more effective and engaged. Even if Microsoft Teams brings together all the employees of your company or business in the same online digital space, it also incorporates the power of Microsoft OneNote. With OneNote in Microsoft teams, your employees can share and collaborate ideas and create together.

From now on, Microsoft Teams integrates OneNote. So you can combine the power of Teams and OneNote to share important notes, to-do lists, and drawings, so you can get more in your organization. The use of OneNote in Microsoft teams is very simple. This blog explains how you can harness the power of OneNote in Microsoft teams.

How to use Microsoft OneNote in Microsoft teams

To start using OneNote in Microsoft Teams, the user will need to add OneNote to one of the general channels of his teams.

How to add and use the OneNote notebook to Microsoft teams

To begin, click on '+"Appearing at the top of the channel and select"A note"

OneNote in Microsoft teams

From here you have these options:

  1. To start from scratch
  2. To add an existing notebook.

Let's look at these options in detail.

1) From scratch:

Click & #39;Create a new notebookIn the top bar (under the name of the strings), then click on 'save"When you create a new notebook, you can give it a name, click the & # 3920;Name of the notebookTo add a name, then click on 'save"

OneNote in Microsoft teams

2) Add an existing notebook:

Click & #39;Browse notebooks', Select the notebook and section, then click'save"Or click on 'Paste a OneNote link& #39; And add the address, then click & #39;save"

OneNote in Microsoft teams

Once the OneNote tab is added to Microsoft Teams, all users of the channel will be able to see the files and edit them (if they have access). When a user is prevented from viewing the notebook, he can request access rights from the tab to view / edit notebooks.

How does OneNote work in Microsoft teams?

In the Teams application, users will notice several familiar features and options that are typically available in OneNote. The main features available in OneNote ribbons are:

OneNote in Microsoft teams

  • Home: Basic functions such as undo, redo; cut, copy, paste, format the trainer, basic text features, bullets and numbering; styling; creation of tags; spell checking and dictation.
  • Insert: Insert new pages / new sections, tables, images / attachments / links; and audio recording.
  • Draw: Ability to draw / sketch, control styles and colors of drawing and highlight notes
  • View tabs: Displays the navigation pane, the immersive player, the color of the page, the versions of the page
  • Open in browsers: The user can press the & #39;Open in the browser'If they want to change the laptop using the OneNote app on their computer. Note that this action asks the user to log in with their account.

OneNote in Microsoft Teams uses the power of OneNote Online. in simple terms, it works like a web interface. Therefore, the user must be connected to the Internet to save all his work / changes on his laptop.

We hope this guide will help you explain how Teams and OneNote work together to create a simple, collaborative workspace for you and your users.

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