Free Battery Limiter software for Windows 10

Free Battery Limiter software for Windows 10

Batteries are probably the most volatile component of modern computers. The batteries are used before any other component and it is essential to take care of them for more efficiency and a longer service life. We often use battery monitors to monitor the health of the battery and other important statistics. But the set of tools we talk about in this article calls for battery limiters. The purpose of these tools is to remind you not to recharge your batteries 100%.

Often, we leave our devices plugged in, resulting in overcharging and thus damaging the battery. In addition, when we charge the batteries at 100%, the batteries undergo a lot of stress to accumulate these last figures. It is often advisable never to fully charge the lithium-ion batteries. And the same applies in case of discharge, never let the charge of your device exceed 20% or 15%, as this would seriously affect the life of the battery. We now turn to the list of battery limiters available for Windows 10.

Battery limiter for Windows 10

1. Battery limiter

This is a very simple and free utility to use. The main purpose of this app is to remind you of an alarm or notification when the battery charge exceeds a certain level. It comes with five different alarm sounds and an option to warn you visually. In addition to setting a reminder for the upper limit, you can also set one for the lower limit of the battery charge percentage. The default settings are 90% and 10%, which works well for most users.

The tool does not have much user interface, but a small square window that displays the current configuration and battery statistics. The program displays the current percentage of the battery, the status connected and the expected life.

There is another additional so smart feature that can be used to automatically turn off the wall charger if you have a smart home. It's a pretty advanced and technical feature. It works by sending a POST Webhook to your smart home service on the status of your device's battery. You can use this information to automatically turn on or turn off the wall outlet. Download the right here.

2. Battery alarm

Battery limiter software for Windows 10

This is a free application that can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store. Battery Alarm In addition to giving you all the notification features, it also displays vital statistics about the battery. You can view the remaining percentage, total capacity, remaining capacity, remaining time, and so on.

The app allows you to set levels for full and low battery notifications. You can also choose from a wide variety of notification sounds available. The loop function also allows you to play the loopback notification audio so you do not miss it in your absence. Apart from this, the tool can also send a notification by e-mail. Just enter your email address and you'll be notified when the battery charge percentage reaches the set level. Download it from Microsoft Store.

3. Pure battery analysis

This is another Microsoft Store application. It is rather a complex and complete suite of battery analyzes. The full battery notifications are just another feature inside. The tool has a nice user interface and offers you a very good real-time battery analysis of the device.

Pure Battery Analytics comes with a ton of features and notifications that work well. Some additional features are available, such as night mode and theft alarm. Download it here from Microsoft Store.

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