How to become an Influencer on Instagram

I am a Instagram Influencerand it took me a good three years to reach several hundred faithful. It's easier to say that being influential on social media, be it Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform. It takes a lot of effort, hard work, consistency and dedication to become an influential performer on Instagram and make money.

In this post, I will share everything that I have followed to become an influencer and reach this level. Instagram is all about images, but putting pictures will not make you an influencer, you have to follow certain strategies to win lots of loyal followers and get a good engagement in your posts.

How to become an influencer on Instagram

These 10 tips will help you become a successful Instagran Influencer and earn money online:

  1. Make up your mind
  2. Select a niche
  3. Create a professional account
  4. Effective bio
  5. Good content
  6. Know your audience
  7. Legends and hashtags
  8. Tag marks
  9. Interact with followers
  10. Follow your favorite influencers.

1) Make up your mind

It is something very important. Do not just dive into Instagram; you must first decide that you want to become an influencer on Instagram. You must accept that it will be neither easy nor quick. You have to work patiently and consistently for the first few years to get faithful and faithful follow-up on Instagram.

2) Choose a niche

Once you have decided, select your niche. Think, think and think again. What could be your niche? What are you best at? What can you give to your followers? What would someone follow you? These are some questions that will help you choose your niche.

Do not start with something you just want. Make sure you are good at this because there is no room for the average on Instagram. At least be good if not great. Select something that you can paste. Do not start with fashion, then jump on food, travel or technology. It's not always important that you're good at something you like to do, so think carefully and choose your niche.

Let me give you an example, I like doing makeup, but I'm not good at it, so I should not choose beauty as the main niche.


3) Create a professional account

Instagram has two types of accounts, private / personal and professional. If you want to start your career as an influencer on Instagram, you need to have a professional account. Do not worry, it's free. Just select a business account when creating an account on Instagram. However, you can also modify your existing personal account on a work account.

Why a professional account?

Because only a business account allows you to check all your ideas, for example who are your subscribers, their gender, their age, etc. What time are your subscribers most active on Instagram, which city or country your subscribers are from, and much more.

This information will help you better understand your audience and will certainly help you to get more engagements in your publications. Publish what your audience likes and check when it's most active. It should be your time of posting on Instagram.

Plus, with a Business Account, you can better utilize your organic information, add CTA buttons, run ads and earn more followers and commitments.

Note: You can not serve ads via your personal or private Instagram account.

4) Write an effective bio

Your biography on Instagram or any other social media platform is your digital introduction, make it as effective as possible. Instagram only allows you to use 30 characters. Do not lose this space using sophisticated words or symbols. Make your bio short and crisp.

Keep it simple and straightforward, what best describes you, as well as your job. Nobody wants to know when you cut your cake or when you cried, so avoid the stupid phrases and write who you are and what you do.

5) good content

Content is definitely the king, whether it's your social media or your blog. People will follow you for your content, so do it at least good if not great. Instagram is all about images, so make sure your images are of good quality. In addition, see if you can provide value to your subscribers through your images.

If you're in fashion, you can post layout tips, if you like "beauty", you can post beauty tips or if you're a tech blogger, you can post your reviews of various gadgets for your subscribers.

Publish the right content for your profile and audience, although it's normal to occasionally surprise the audience with off-topic content from time to time. The best idea is to share your daily lifestyle with your followers. Have your breakfast in a good place, share it in your stories, try new dresses, record a test video and post it. Your supporters just want to know what you are doing, where you are going, what you are eating, what you are wearing, etc. Give them the best.

6) Know your audience

It is very important to know your audience well. What age group do they belong to, what are their interests, what is their location. You can check their interests by analyzing your own messages. See what type of message gets the best engagement and do more. Publish what your audience wants to see and have it stop, chat, save and share your messages. Check out these Instagram tips and tricks to get more engagement in your publications.

7) Engaging caption and relevant hashtags

Not too long, but try to write an interesting and attractive caption with each message. Ask questions and opinions of your followers in your legend; this will force them to engage in your position. Basically, you have to put a CTA (call to action) in your message but make sure your caption is relevant to your message. Instagram allows 30 hashtags in a post, use them all initially. You can stop using the 30 when you win lots of regular followers and commitments.

8) Mark the brands and get ready for collaborationsHow to become an influencer on Instagram

Do not forget to indicate your email ID in your bio so that brands and companies can contact you for collaborations. In addition, be prepared to share your ideas because most brands ask for information for your promoted content.

I would suggest you promote the products or services that you really like and admire. Do not make your Instagram feed a store. Give your opinions and honest opinions for the benefit of your audience.

Start marking the marks to get their attention. If your message is good enough, the brand could redistribute it on its page, bringing more visibility to you. You can also send them direct messages to brands relevant to your niche for collaborations.

9) Be active on the stories

Instagram stories sometimes give you more reach and engagement than Instagram posts. Be very active in your Instagram stories. Keep them real; Connect with your subscribers and interact with them.

10) Follow your favorite influencers

I am all my favorite lifestyle and fashion influencers; You should do the same. Find influential people who are successful in your niche and follow them. Try to learn articles, their style, their legends, their stories, and so on. Also keep commenting on the articles you like and try to interact with them. You never know, they might challenge you, and you might have additional fans and spotlights.

How to make money with Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular and popular modes of digital advertising. Brands want to present their collection on digital media and when it comes to Instagram, we, the influencers, are the mode of advertising. I promote various brands on my profile, and brands pay me for it.

One of the most asked questions by beginners is: when can we start charging money to brands, which I answer, you can start asking for money after 20 25,000 followers on Instagram. It will increase as your fan base grows. Before 20K subscribers, you can do the bartering collaborations in which you get the products in exchange for promotions on Instagram, which is not a bad deal at first.

That's not all, start your adventure as an Instagram Influencer and you'll learn everything, step by step. I am at 106,000 followers and I am still learning and trying to improve my profile. In short, influence to become an influencer!

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