Download Google Camera 7.0 (APK) for Various Android Devices

google camera 7.0
Google Camera alone could be qualified as the best camera available for Android devices. And no one could argue against that. Thanks to the tons of amazing features that it provides, it has completely revolutionized the photography industry. The Google Camera ports are preinstalled on different Pixel devices. And the Google Camera 7.0 The port mentioned here is taken from the Pixel 4. But various mods can be worn on other devices by changing some of its features. You can download the Google Camera 7.0 portable APK file for certain Android devices from OnePlus, Xiaomi, Realme, Asus and Motorola.

Some of GCam's outstanding features include night vision, astrophotography, slow motion, photo booth, motion pictures, HDR + mode, Panorama mode and Portrait mode. If you've been using GCam for a long time, you might be very familiar with these features, apart from the astrophotography mode. You will find more information about this feature later in this guide. Before you provide Google Camera 7.0 ports, there are some important things to consider.


  1. Your device should be under Android 9.0 Pie or Android 10. These Google Camera 7.0 ports are not supported on Oreo Android versions or earlier.
  2. Camera2API should be enabled. Some devices are pre-activated, while others require a rooted Android device. You can check whether the feature is enabled or not via the Camera2API Probe application. If any of the options among LEVEL_3, FULL, LIMITED or HERITAGE is taken care of, so it's good. Alternatively, use our detailed guide to learn how to activate Camera2API to get HDR + for Google Camera on your device.
  3. Not all features of GCam would be compatible with all devices. You will always get a varying degree of success.
  4. In addition, most of these Google Camera 7.0 ports are experimental and beta. So you can expect stability problems or an abnormal experience. Indeed, these GCams have been ported from a device that has not yet been officially released.
  5. Until the official release of Pixel 4, the chances of getting a fully functional and functional GCam port are slim.

Download Google Camera 7.0 APK Ports

Below, we provided Google Camera 7.0 ports for some of the devices. As mentioned earlier, do not expect a smooth, bug-free experience at the moment. In addition, if your device is not mentioned in this list, you can still try and try. But choose the GCam port for the device that closely resembles the specifications of your device.

For example, there is no specific GCam for Moto One Action. But the installation of GCAM for the Mi A3 has worked wonders on the device Moto. Indeed, both devices operate on Android One OS. That said, here are the Google Camera 7.0 ports:

Plus, if you're using a Huawei Mate 10 / Pro or Honor Play, check out the Google Night Sight Camera APK for Honor Play and Huawei Mate 10 / Pro.

Astrophotography mode in Google Camera 7.0

The word astrophotography refers to the photography of astronomical objects and certain areas of the night sky. Although Night Sight is still present in all versions of GCam, however, it has not taken pictures as sharp as the Astrophotography mode is capable of. But this is an experimental feature. All devices and ports in Google Camera 7.0 do not support this feature. Nevertheless, try it by following the instructions below:

  1. Download and install the appropriate GCAM on your device.
  2. Press the down arrow. This will open the list of features. Previously, this menu was located at the top and is now hidden under this arrow. This is part of the major changes in the user interface from GCam 6.3 to GCam 7.0.
    google camera settings
  3. Then press the Settings icon (the gear icon).
  4. Scroll down to the end About section.
  5. Now, look for the Developer Options / Developer Settings / Advanced Settings functionality.
    google camera flags
  6. In the developer settings you will see different indicators. Activate the following flags. These flags may have a slightly different name if you use the Google Camera 7.0 port of any other developer. The one given below is that of the named developer Parrot043.
  7. Return to the main screen and select the Night view option. You will now have to hold your device steady for a few seconds, perhaps take the help of a tripod. After a few seconds, the astrophotography mode should appear. That's it. Start taking great pictures of the night sky.
  8. As already mentioned, not all devices would support this feature. Even if you manage to activate this feature, it is likely that the Astrophotography mode does not work for you.

With this, we conclude this guide on various Google Camera 7.0 APK ports for Android devices. Let us know what features worked on your device. Also tell us which version of GCam worked on your device if the original was not listed above.

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