How to bulk replace text in PDF files using PDF Replacer

Bulk Replace text in PDF files

PDf files are usually the default communication form for documents because they are not editable as easily. But it is sometimes necessary to modify the text in PDF files, which could be only a minor correction, spelling errors of the original document. Today we share software that can help you bulk replace the text in PDF files.

Find and replace text in bulk PDF files

The free version of PDF Replacer can replace text in a PDF file while retaining the original PDF layout. If you have a PDF file of less than 100 pages, you can use this tool without paying anything. Since there are no restrictions on the number of files you can process and leave no watermarks, it's a great tool for small businesses and individuals.

How to use PDF Replacer

1) Launch the tool, and the user interface offers you to drag and drop several PDF files. Then, click Settings to change the font, force the text in bold, underline, strikethrough, and so on.

2) Then, type the text you want to replace and the text with which it needs to be replaced. You can add multiple text combinations. If you have entered incorrect data, you can also delete them.

3) The last option is to decide the corresponding conditions, ie d. case match, page range, page by page mode. The last one allows you to define a range of pages on which the text must be replaced.

Once all this is set, click the Start Now button to start the process. It will replace the text according to the corresponding conditions and save the file in C: ReplacedPDF. The location can be changed before starting the process.

Words replaced in PDF files with the help of PDF Replacer

Although it works at a reasonable speed, it's not as simple as editing a file. The software must ensure that the layout remains intact, and it is also able to replace the words. Thus, when you edit multiple files together, it may take time depending on the pages and the complexity of the text.

Some tips:

  • Replace the text with a blank space to make it disappear.
  • Change the date and time of bulk PDF content

Finally, PDF Replacer also supports restricted and locked PDF documents and is available in fifty languages. Overall, it's a great tool and you should keep the free version handy so you can use it whenever you want.

Download the PDF Replace from Official page. The free version that allows you to edit a PDF of less than 100 pages.

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