How to change your voice to sound like someone else

All-in-One Voice Changer

You may need to modulate your voice a little for greater discretion with regard to calls or to preserve transaction secrecy. The legality of voice modulation may vary from one jurisdiction to another, but it is usually legal. However, the goal may or may not be legitimate. Today, let's take a look at some voice change software it can help you change your voice.

How to change your voice

It should be noted that no known software available to the general public could help you to imitate the voice of another person exactly as it is. However, you can change the frequency of the voice signals so that the sound is different from the original sound. Some free software that could help with this are.

  1. Voxal Voice Changer
  2. VoiceMaster for Skype
  3. Virtual personality
  4. Viscom Voice Changer
  5. All-in-one voice changer.

1) Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal Voice Changer software is considered the best option among free voice change software products. One of the reasons is the ease of use. Changing the voice is a complicated process, but the Voxal Voice Changer software uses simple terms and a simple panel to help users.

As the software works in real-time mode, you can also use it for live calls. To make your job easier, Voxal has an integrated voice library. You can choose predefined pseudo voices for male, female, robotic, and other sounds. This list is on the left of the main panel.

Voxal is a smart application that allows you to control the noise and distortion in the sound and to remove them. The software can amplify the sound and change many other parameters. It could be used with game-specific programs such as Steam, CSGO, etc. On the contrary, Voxal could be very useful for games, especially for those who wish to conceal their identity. You can download Voxal from its website right here. The version for domestic use is free.

2) VoiceMaster for Skype

voicemaster jpeg

With VoiceMaster, computer users can take advantage of the ability to change voices in many ways. The voice effects offered with this software remind us of our younger days, when we jailed several strangers and even unsuspected neighbors.

Voice Master is a versatile software that can be useful for creating both pre-recorded audio files and voice changes in real time. The software could be used with messaging services, including Skype. The interface is simple to use and the user can also view the frequency charts.

While Voice Master distorts a little quality when changing voice, the download of the software is interesting. It allows users to perform special controls to edit recorded sounds.

3) virtual personality

How to change your voice

Although it is difficult to imitate anybody's voice using voice modulation software, Virtual Personality has been able to create voice models of famous personalities. It's a fairly easy-to-use software. You can use it to search for your celebrity and speak to his voice. Regardless of the speaker's gender, the output sound would be as similar as possible to that of the selected celebrity.

Some commands on the Virtual Personality software main panel help users to further modify the voice. You can amplify the sound, etc. The software can be used in real time mode. This means that you can use it for phone calls, Skype or instant calls.

If you intend to pre-record audio, this freeware offers the possibility to modify it before sending it to the intended recipient. You can download the software right here.

4) Viscom voice changer

Viscom Voice Changer

Viscom Voice Changer is a relatively primitive software. However, I included it in this list for a reason. The software is pretty light. It is fast and the output sound has little noise or distortion. The application can be used to create prerecorded audio and can support files in three popular formats: .wav, .wma and .mp3.

Viscom could be used to change a voice's frequency, speed and amplitude. It also allows you to save different types of voice for future use.

The main audio format of the free software is .wav. You can change it according to your convenience. It can not be denied that limited "file types" are a disadvantage. However, users rarely use these types of files. Another disadvantage of the software is that it can not be used for live calls. You can find out more about this software right here.

5) All-in-one voice changer

All-in-one voice changer

The all-in-one voice changer is an excellent software for changing your voice. It can work in pre-recorded and real-time modes. You can use it with internet call software such as Yahoo Messenger and Skype. However, it can not be integrated directly into these applications.

The interesting thing about this software is that it can help change the voice in the middle of a call. It supports the sounds of male and female voices.

The all-in-one voice changer can be used for video dubbing other than voice switching. This amazing software is available right here.

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