Remove Bloatware on OnePlus Devices (Oxygen OS 9.0+)

debloat oneplus oxygen os

Most Android smartphones are preloaded with bloating applications. We can remove some of the bloatware manually, but others are not needed. Why should we have unwanted apps on our device? Today, we have a script called Tomatot Debloater that can unlock OnePlus 7 Pro and other OnePlus devices such as OnePlus 5, 5T, OnePlus 6 and 6T running Oxygen OS 9.0 and later.

Let's start by saying that Oxygen OS is very good. The Android has almost in stock very useful features like an integrated application lock, a network speedometer, etc. These features, some would say, make it better than Android. OnePlus does a good job of selecting features to borrow from other OEM skins and those not to use. That said, Oxygen OS is still a custom OEM skin. Therefore, it has a bit of bloatware but not as much as other OEM skins. It's not even enough to bother anyone. But if you are rooted, you can easily remove bloatware with the easy-to-use Tomatot Debloater Script for OnePlus devices.

Oxygen OS will always be as fast and responsive as the supposed bloatware (if so called). Most of the large applications on a OnePlus device come directly from Google. The only problems that OnePlus adds are actually test and debug services that might even be useful at one point, although not necessarily.


We have seen that you do not necessarily have to be rooted for to remove bloatware on Android. However, the process is pretty manual and you have to delete each application yourself. It can be tedious to sit as little as possible. Member XDA Tomato therefore created a script file specifically designed to remove unnecessary system applications from Oxygen OS. The script file contains a list of applications to uninstall from your device. Therefore, it is possible to manually uninstall the listed applications using the non-root bloatware removal method.

If you prefer to use the script to remove all applications at the same time, you will need a rooted OnePlus device with a custom recovery, ideally TWRP. If you have not yet installed your OnePlus device or installed TWRP, but wish to do so, you can follow the appropriate links below for the respective guides.

Install TWRP and Root: OnePlus 3, OnePlus 3T, OnePlus 5, OnePlus 5T, OnePlus 6, OnePlus 6T

Also note that applications that you previously disabled from settings or frozen using applications such as Titanium Backup may not be removed. If you want to remove them, re-enable them / de-icers first, reboot the system once to make sure everything is fine.


Before continuing, we have a duty to inform you that blinking third-party mods on your device is not an entirely safe practice. Even though, as long as you know what you're doing there, you should not worry too much, you have to understand that processes like this always carry a lot of risk. In any case, DroidViews can not be held responsible for anything you end up doing on your device.

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Download a Tomatot Debloater script for OnePlus devices

A list of exact applications for each of the scripts below will delete can be found in a text file in the downloads section on the XDA thread. To unlock OnePlus 7 Pro and other OnePlus devices (OnePlus 5 or 5T and OnePlus 6 or 6T) under Oxygen OS 9.0 and later, download one of the debloater scripts below.


Deletes only applications that are related to telemetry or have no function. You should always have all the applications you use and all the features you like.


Deletes even more apps that the developer deems unnecessary, even if you may not share the same view.


Removes applications included in the Invisible and Light scripts, as well as Google applications and other features that the developer deems unnecessary. Google apps can still be reinstalled from the Play Store.

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Edit the downloaded OnePlus Debloat script (optional)

Before you remove OnePlus 7 Pro or any other OnePlus device running Oxygen OS 9.0 or later, you must choose the debloater script that best suits your needs. Whichever script you choose to download, it's always a good idea to watch exactly what will be deleted. As mentioned before, the script contains a list of all the applications that will be deleted. When you have downloaded a script, unzip the downloaded file and navigate to META-INF com google android. Here you will find the actual named script update script. Open it with the help of a text editor such as Notepad ++.

Tomatot Debloater Script

The applications are all listed with the exact location in quotation marks ("/ System / system / app / DiracManager"). You can remove an application from the list so that it is not uninstalled by simply deleting the entire line ("/ System / system / app / DiracManager",). Similarly, you can also add an application to the list to delete by adding a new line anywhere between the list in the same format ("/ System / system / app / location / app",). Just be sure to mention the exact name of the application folder and its exact location between commas and terminate the line with a comma.

Once the script has been modified, save it and unzip the META-INF folder into a zip file.

Debloat OnePlus 7 Pro on Oxygen OS 9.0+

Whether you change the script or not, copy the zip file containing the script to your OnePlus device and restart it in recovery mode. To do this, turn it off completely and press and hold. Volume down button and the Power button until the phone vibrates. Once in TWRP, recovery, select INSTALL, select the zip file containing the script and swipe down to flash it. The script will do its magic and when it is finished, you will be able to select Restart the system.

When your device restarts, you should notice fewer applications on your device and, hopefully, only the ones you use.

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