How to Clean Install iOS 15.6 on iPhone to Fix Problems

Reinstall iOS 15.6 on iPhone

Do you know that you can cleanly install iOS 15.6 on iPhone and iPad? Like all other previous versions, you can reinstall the current version of iOS/iPadOS as long as you have a Mac or Windows computer nearby!

Why Clean Install iOS 15.6?

iPhone users consider reinstalling a current iOS version when they encounter a significant number of issues and glitches after the regular live update.

Often, a clean install of iOS will fix a series of issues that appear after a typical software update. These may include: SIM card recognition problems, iPhone keeps restarting after update and similar.

They can be caused by corrupt settings and broken configurations that might occur during a live update.

Reinstalling the iPhone is the last major troubleshooting option you can do, before calling it a day and waiting for an upcoming software update that will fix any unresolved issues.

After: Reinstalling iOS is the only option once the previous version of iOS (iOS 15.5 for example) is unsigned!

How to Clean Install iOS 15.6

  • 1. Disable Find My iPhone on your iOS device in Settings -> Apple ID -> Find My -> Find My iPhone.
  • 2. Connect iPhone to Mac Or a Windows computer using a USB to Lightning cable.

    Point: Trust this computer if asked.

  • 3. Open Finder (Mac) or iTunes (Windows computer).
  • 4. Backup iPhone using the Backup Now option.

    Point: Select Encrypt local backup to also back up sensitive data such as Apple Watch health data and KeyChain passwords.

    Problem: It may happen that there is not enough free space on Mac to backup iPhone or iPad. In this case, we recommend that you create the backup directly on an external SSD (such as the SanDisk 1TB) that you connect to your computer.

  • 5. restore iphone or iPad using its designated button at the top of the Searcher window, in the Software section.

    Do: You are asked if you really want to restore your device to its factory settings and you are informed that “All media and other data will be erased and the latest version of iPhone software will be installed.”

  • 6. Click on Restore and update confirm and Accept with the terms and conditions of the software update.

    Do: Downloading the iOS 15.6 IPSW file starts in Finder (or iTunes).

  • seven. Be patient until the update file is downloaded. It can take some time. It all depends on your computer’s internet speed. When the download completes, the the reinstallation process follows automatically.

    Important: Do not disconnect the iPhone or iPad from the computer during the process! Make sure Mac or Windows machines are connected to a power source and will not shut down during installation.

  • 8. After reinstalling iOS, opt for Restore from this backup and choose the most recent backup of your iPhone and iPad, to restore your data and complete the clean install of iOS 15.6 without data loss.

    Do: If you choose to Set up as new iPhone you will lose all previous data and start over. If you accidentally select it, don’t panic. Let the process complete and start again from Step 5.

Did you reinstall iOS 15.6? Was it helpful? Did it fix the issues that started popping up after the live update? Share your feedback in the comments. We greatly appreciate your input!

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