How to Reinstall App on iPhone without Losing Data (Bug Fix)

Reinstall app on iPhone

Do you know you can reinstall apps on iPhone without losing data? This iOS feature is called App Offloading and is very useful when you need to reinstall an app that crashes, crashes, or doesn’t work as expected.

How to reinstall app on iPhone

Instead of manually deleting an app and redownloading it from the App Store, which could lead to data loss, follow these steps:

    how to reinstall app on iphone

  • 1. Open Settings and press General.
  • 2. Opt for iPhone Storage.
  • 3. Faucet Search iconin the top right corner of the screen and find the app you want to reinstall.
  • 4. Tap on his name and use the Download the app option available. Faucet Download the app one more time to confirm.

    Important: By deleting an application using the offload feature, the software is removed, but its documents and data are retained.

  • download and reinstall the application

  • 5. Faucet Reinstall the app to re-download the latest version of the app to your device. The data will be automatically restored.

    Important: If an app is less popular. Make sure that the app is still available in the App Store before applying this method. If the app is no longer available, you will lose the app.

Why Reinstall Apps on iPhone?

Bugs and glitches are inevitable in such a large and complex iOS environment. Often, you can fix minor glitches or annoying issues by simply reinstalling an app.

This is because you will be helping the software to start its processes from scratch.

Also, when you reinstall an app, you also make sure that you are running the most recent version of it available in the App Store.

The unloading application is not available on iPhone/iPad?

You are trying to use the trick above, but the app in question does not come with the Download the app option?

This is possible for some very large stock applications. For example, at the time of writing, Safari cannot be deleted from iPhone/iPad. That’s why you won’t find Offload App button in Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage -> Safari.

It is the same for Messages, Phone, App Store, Photos, Health and more.

There are built-in apps that can also be offloaded like: Mail, Music, Weather, Clock, Books and others.

Do: All third-party apps can be unloaded!

How to Reinstall App Store on iPhone

Are you looking for a way to reinstall the App Store or any other built-in apps like Messages, Photos, etc. which cannot be deleted?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to reinstall them individually!

However, there is an option available that allows you to cleanly install iOS on iPhone/iPad. This will reinstall all apps on the device, whether stock or third-party!

However, you should take a complete iPhone backup to avoid data loss. A step-by-step tutorial for this troubleshooting method is available here.

Have you downloaded the application on iPhone? Did reinstalling help you solve a problem or problem? Do you have questions or suggestions? Share your impressions in the comments!

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