How to combine multiple videos into one with Video Combiner for Windows 10

Combine multiple videos into one

Recording videos is an activity we all love, and it's one of the main reasons why all major smartphones have such powerful cameras. However, we do not all know how to edit videos and combine multiple videos into one content. With this in mind, we decided to talk about an interesting program for Windows 10 called Video Combiner. As the name suggests, this tool was designed with the primary purpose of creating a single video from multiple videos, and you know what? It works.

We like the fact that users can drag and drop content into the main area and from there start the editing process. Yes, the traditional method of adding videos still exists, but nowadays, drag and drop is probably the simplest option.

Video Combiner for Windows 10

Video Combiner for Windows 10 lets you easily join, merge, or combine multiple videos into one.

Combine several videos into one

1) Add videos

First, you'll want to add your videos and, as noted above, the best option is to drag the content into the open area. If this is not your case, we advise you to click File> Add Files or simply select CTRL + O or click in the empty space.

When the new window appears, navigate to the directory where the videos are stored, and add them immediately. It should not take time for the videos to appear on the screen, and from there it's time to combine them all.

2) Combine your videos

OK, when it comes to merging your videos into a single entity, the task is extremely easy, surprisingly. First, you will need to select the output format of the finished product, as well as the screen size and the baud rate.

Now, if you want to complete the merge process quickly, we suggest you select the total processor acceleration. Do not forget that this only works with 64-bit processors, and not with the typical x86 processor.

Finally, make sure you choose the location where you want to save the finished product, and then click Combine Videos Now to start the process. The merge and conversion will take a while, and the speed has a lot to do with the power of your computer.

It should be noted that the supported output formats are MP4, AVI, MOV, MPG, MKV, TS, RM, VOB and FLV. We hope that in the future, creators will add other formats, but for the moment, these are the only options at your fingertips.

Download the Video Combiner tool directly from the official site.

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