8 Best Relaxing Sound Apps to Help You Sleep Better

best sleep sounds apps android
Nowadays, it is difficult to escape from work and stress. And it is even more difficult to travel or to go to peaceful places to calm down. Fortunately, you can feel the soothing sounds directly on your smartphone with relaxing sound applications. There are dozens of apps on the Google Play Store that claim to offer sleep sounds. However, instead of stressing you even more in trying to choose the best, we made it easy for you. The following best free sleep sound apps will help you sleep better.

Below are the 8 best sleep sound apps you need to check. Some applications require the purchase of a monthly subscription. Choose an app accordingly.

Atmosphere: relaxing sounds

Sounds of applications

It's one of the best sounding applications for Android that you can use at the moment. Atmosphere offers a wide selection of soothing sounds. These include, among others, the sounds of beaches, forests and urban areas. In addition, the application also has some binaural and isochronous beats. Each of the different rhythms is meant to help you sleep better, relax better, stimulate mental clarity and more. The sound loops of the application are of the highest quality and match the sound quality of any other application in the list.

Most of the features and sounds of the app are free. Thus, you would not be forced to unlock other sounds and features of the application.

Sounds of sleep

Sounds app

Here's another application packed with high-quality soothing sounds that will help you relax after a busy life. Sleep sounds let you choose from over 200 different sounds. There are several categories of sounds to choose from. Plus, the application is totally free to use. Therefore, if you do not want to pay to unlock some sounds in other applications, you can download the sleep sounds. The application even offers a "music study" that aims to help you focus during your studies.

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Quiet – meditate, sleep, relax

Relaxing and quiet sound applications

Calm is one of the most popular relaxing sound applications at the moment. He even managed to get the Choice of Publishers badge on the Google Play Store. The application offers a wide variety of relaxing sounds that help you to meditate, sleep and relax. What's even more interesting is that you can choose a guided meditation session. The sounds of the application are of high quality and really help to soothe your mind. There are several programs for beginners and advanced users that will help you live a healthier, stress-free life.

The only drawback of Calm is that most features are hidden behind subscription fees. Thus, to really benefit from the application, you must subscribe to access its content.

Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds

Relax Melodies Android app

Here's another popular app with over 50 million downloads. Relax Melodies offers over 100 incredibly relaxing sounds. The sounds include – sounds of nature, white noise, guided meditations, brain waves and more. Of course, all sounds are of high quality. In addition, you can combine several sounds and play them at the same time. Some sound combinations offer a much more relaxing experience than others.

Most of the sounds of Relax Melodies are free. However, some sounds require a purchase. Fortunately, flawless sounds allow you to relax and unwind.

Sounds of sleep

Sounds of sleep Android application

Although the app shares its name with another of the relaxing sound apps on the list, we assure you that the two apps are different. The high-quality sounds of the application would lull you to sleep or calm you down in minutes. The user interface of Sleep Sounds is also minimal and easy to navigate. Like most apps on the list, there is even a sleep timer that pauses the sounds after the scheduled time. Since the sounds are stored in the application itself, an active Internet connection is not required to use it. The only possible drawback of Sleep Sounds is the relatively small number of sounds available.


Relaxing sound application of the tide

Tide probably has the best user interface among all the applications in the list. This makes the application fun to use and relaxes your mind even before you start listening to sounds. The peaceful and soothing sounds of the application are of great quality and do wonders. In addition to soothing sounds, you also have access to guided meditations. Tide even has a focus timer function that helps you focus on a task at hand. And when you have finished the task, you can use the sleep or nap option to fall asleep with the sounds of nature. For those who like to read inspirational quotes, the app has them too. Every day, a new inspirational quote is to read and you can also access the previous quotes.

Deep meditation

Deep meditation app

This app is another interesting application for those looking to meditate in peace and relax. Deep Meditate offers 3 main benefits for you. First, you can listen to the soothing sounds to meditate. You can then listen to soothing music within the app itself to relieve you of stress. Finally, if you have trouble falling asleep, the relaxing sounds will also help you sleep.

In addition to sounds, you have access to 10 different guided meditation suites. These include – breathing meditations, muscle relaxation, traditional meditation, etc. A recent update of the application even brought Sleep Stories.

Sleepo: relaxing sounds, sleep

Applying his Sleepo sleep

Although most relaxing sound apps require a monthly subscription, this app offers most features for free. The application offers 32 different sounds. These sounds are divided into 4 categories: rain sounds, city sounds, sounds of nature and sounds of meditation. It also allows you to listen to white noise, pink noise and brown noise for better concentration and meditation. Sleepo also has a fairly decent and minimal user interface.

These are our best choices for the best sleep sound apps on Android. What is your application of her favorite relaxing? Let us know in the comments below.

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