How to copy a file when the Audio CD shows a 0 KB or 1 KB shortcut

Audio CD shows a 1 KB shortcut

If you have an old audio CD, but you can not copy files from your CD to your PC, Audio CD Displays a 1K Keyboard Shortcut only then you can follow this tutorial to get the job done. You do not need to use third-party software because Windows already has the essential tool for extracting the audio from a CD.

If you try to copy all the original files from a CD to your computer, you can not do so because it can display a shortcut of 1 KB for each file. You can play the audio when the CD is inserted, but you can not copy them directly.

How to copy a file when the audio CD contains a shortcut of 1 KB

To copy files when the audio CD displays a shortcut of 1 KB, follow these steps:

  1. Insert the CD and open Windows Media Player
  2. Select audio and use the Rip CD option
  3. Look for the audio file in the Music folder.

To begin, you need to insert the audio CD into your computer. When your computer has detected the CD, you must open Windows Media Player. In Windows Media Player, you must select the audio CD on the left. Now you can find all the music on your screen.

Now you have to go to RIP settings > Format and select MP3.

In addition, you can change the audio quality. To do this, go to RIP settings > Audio quality and choose something accordingly.

After that, if you need to select all the files you want to export. To do this, check the corresponding box. Once this step is complete, click on the button Rip CD button.

Audio CD Displays a Shortcut of 1 KB

It should show a progress bar. Yes Torn at the library appears as the Tear statusyou have to open the The music Library folder. This is the default location when Windows Media Player saves the extracted files and you can search your data in this folder if you have not changed them before.

That's all! I hope this simple tutorial will help you.

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