How to create a Certificate using Microsoft Publisher

How to create a Certificate using Microsoft Publisher

There are so many people you want to thank for doing great things. People who maybe have done something that you want to congratulate. It can be at work, at school, at home or anywhere, Microsoft Publisher has something for the occasion. The publisher is great for creating certificates for these people and occasions. The Publisher certificate can be for adults or children, for business use, or something more casual.

These publisher certificates can be used for birthdays, anniversaries, school or work accomplishments, a great way to say thank you, great employee recognition and more. Publishers’ certificates can be used for many occasions and they are cheap and easy to make. This makes it an easy choice for that person or occasion. Publisher certificates are also very customizable and can be used for multiple people and occasions. Below are some of the occasions that publisher calendars can be used for.

  • Sports achievement
  • Employee of the month
  • School success
  • Certificate of completion
  • Anniversary certificate
  • Certified gift.

Create a certificate with Publisher

  1. Subject of the certificate
  2. How many people will receive the certificates?
  3. Choose the best paper to print on
  4. Gather photos and scan as needed
  5. Creation of the publisher’s certificate
  6. Printing publisher certificates
  7. Conclusion

Let’s explore these steps to create these awesome certificates.

1]Subject of the certificate

Deciding on the purpose of the certificate will make it easier to put everything else in place. The purpose of the certificate will also decide the color, wording, paper, font, and many other things. Will you do if for a professional degree or for a kid who scored high in school, for an employee who met or surpassed a sales target, or for a kid who did the dishes? A professional degree will require a more professional appearance. A certificate for a successful child can have a more colorful playful look. The purpose of the certificate will also help decide what paper it will be printed on.

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2]Note how many people will receive the certificate

Carefully write down the certificate information. Make sure you get names and other information spelled correctly. It is quite embarrassing to give a certificate with wrong information. Have an accurate list of information and have the information checked by someone else, fresh eyes might spot errors.

3]Choose the best paper to print on

The purpose of the certificate will sometimes dictate the type of paper. The paper may seem simple, but the paper type can send a message, especially for professional type certificates. For home print certificates, the paper type will look different depending on the type of printer used. The inkjet or laser printer will give different print quality on different paper. Choose the paper that best matches your printer.

4]Gather photos and scan as needed

Some certificates can be personalized with a photo of the receiver. Other items may also appear on the certificate. Put all the pieces together and everything that needs to be scanned should be. Use a camera or scanner, or search online for these items to add to the certificate. If you are skilled, graphics software can be used to edit photos or even create a custom border for the certificate. Graphics software can also be used to create a nice background for the certificate. The certificate will require the signatures of authorized persons, you can choose to scan the signatures or print the certificates and then have the authorized person sign.

5]Creation of the publisher’s certificate

Now let’s move on to the fun part of creating the Publisher certificate. Once all the preparation is complete, creating the certificate should be a snap.

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Click on sPie go to the Microsoft Office icon and click on it.

Microsoft 365 app options

Click Editor if it is displayed or just click All applications then click on Publisher.

Editor more template options

Click on more templates to view more templates and also to see options for Office online templates or built-in templates located on your computer.

Template option integrated in the editor

Click Integrated, then click Award certificates, this will bring up many options for certificate styles.

How to create a certificate using Microsoft Publisher

Choose the style certificate you like and modify it further by choosing the color scheme, font set and adding business information. When everything is done right VSlick Create to start working on the certificate of your choice.

You will notice that the certificate choices fall into different categories and each has a different design. You can modify the template and if you have graphic skills you can create a background and other artwork to enhance the certificate. Remember to save as you go, in case of any possibility, you don’t have to start all over.

Lily: How to Create Beautiful Calendars with Microsoft Publisher.

6]Printing publisher certificatesPublisher's certificate

Keep in mind that the certificate will need to be authenticated, so you will need to decide if you will use a digital copy of the signatures, or if you will print and then have them signed. The type of paper is very important if the certificates are for business use. Thick papers with a little shine will make the certificates stand out. For cases where there are multiple certificates for different occasions people, you can choose to save them separately or edit the details one by one and print them at the same time.

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If you are printing at home and the printer is inkjet, it is best to use matte or semi-gloss paper. High gloss paper may make the ink runny or bleed. High gloss paper is best for laser printers, low gloss and matte papers are best for inkjet printers.

Publisher certificates are suitable for any occasion you can think of. They can be done at home and don’t have to be expensive. Make sure to explore the different options, no professional skills are needed to create awesome certificates. Publisher certificates can be personalized by adding custom graphics and backgrounds.

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