How to create awesome Calendars with Microsoft Publisher

Calendar created with Microsoft Publisher

There are so many events and occasions in a year that require our time, money and patience. Events and occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduation ceremonies, baby showers, fathers and mothers day and much more. Certain events and occasions may occur at a set time, and some may occur suddenly or have been forgotten. It is necessary to find gift ideas or stationery to meet the requirements of these events and occasions. Well don’t worry, Microsoft I sone company that has it all covered, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Let’s see how to use Microsoft Office, and to be more specific, Microsoft Publisher to meet some of these needs.

How to Create a Monthly Calendar in Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is a versatile publishing application that can be used to create a wide range of elements. Some of them can be intended for professional use or simply for personal events and a gift solution. Here are some of the things you can use to create personal events and gift solutions.

  • Business cards
  • Coupons
  • Gift cards
  • Labels
  • Keywords
  • Personalized calendar
  • And more

Let’s see how to use Microsoft Publisher to create a personalized calendar. The calendars are generally the same in most places, they show the year in 12 months. Calendars sometimes have other features, but they are just to show the year. Calendars can however be personalized and they do not have to be very expensive. This is where Microsoft Publisher comes up with many options and economical ways to create custom calendars.

Here are some things you need to make this personalized calendar in Microsoft Publisher.

  1. Know the purpose of the calendar
  2. Gather items and scan if you haven’t already
  3. Decide on delivery method
  4. Create the impressive Microsoft Publisher calendar
  5. Impression
  6. Conclusion

Let’s explore the steps to create this great calendar in Microsoft Publisher.

1]Know the purpose of the calendar

Knowing the purpose of the calendar will make it easier to design the right calendar. Who is the calendar for? What is it used for? Is it a functional calendar or simply for decorative purposes? Is it for professional purposes, for a birthday, for your other half, your family or a friend? When the goal is decided, the choice of font, color, images and style will be much easier. Functional calendars are excellent because they bring back memory while having a useful purpose. These super publisher calendars can be used as an advertising element given to customers.

2]Gather items and scan if you haven’t already

To make this Microsoft Publisher calendar great, custom items will be added. Whether for professional purposes or for a friend, elements can be added to personalize the calendar. You can add photos of the person, photos of achievements, photos of baby, family and much more. Some of them will have to be scanned by scanning if they are on paper or photographed. Some will have to be modified to make them more beautiful or to fit them in a space. Achievements and awards must be photographed and modified to fit.

3]Decide on delivery method

The delivery methods of this calendar once completed are numerous. You can choose to make a monthly calendar with a photo and print it on a mug. Delivery methods can be paper, fabric or other printable material, or they can be kept as a digital copy and sent by email. If you are a secretary or personal assistant, you can choose to make your boss a personalized calendar and add a calendar of their events to it. It can be the same for your calendar. Portfolio size calendars are great for advertising purposes. There may be a calendar on one side and business information on the other.

4]Create the impressive Microsoft Publisher calendar

Go start then click on the Microsoft Office 365 app icon

List of MIcrosoft Office 365 applications

From this icon screen, click on the Microsoft Publisher icon.

Microsoft Publisher page size and more template options

On this screen, you can choose your paper size. To see the calendar option, click more model.

Microsoft Publisher Calendar Size and template cource picker

You can choose to search for templates in Office online by clicking Office or click Integrated to use templates saved on your computer.

Of Integrated you scroll down and choose the calendar. You will notice that there are many other things that you can create for your next project.

MIcrosoft Editor Calendar Template Options

From this screen, you can choose to Full page calendar or scroll down and choose the Portfolio size calendar. You can also choose the design. On the right, you can choose the Color scheme or leave it by default.

You can also choose the police model or leave it on the default. You can choose to enter your personal or professional information. You can then choose the paper orientation landscape or portrait.

You can then choose one months per page or one year per page. You can also choose to add a calendar of events to your calendar. Whatever choices you make here will affect Full page where the Portfolio size calendar. When these are all defined, simply click on Create.

MIcrosoft Publisher chooses calendar date window

You can click set calendar dates so you can enter your dates. If you choose the month per page, it will display the list of months and the year to choose. If you choose the year by page, it will display from January to December grayed out and you will simply choose the year.

Microsoft Publisher insert image

The calendar can be further modified by adding your personal photo to replace the default photo if it is in the design you have chosen. You can choose to add colors, WordArt and any other enhancements you want. Do not be limited by the templates, many options are available in Microsoft Office Publisher to further customize the calendar.


How to Create a Monthly Calendar in Publisher

These Microsoft Publisher super calendars can be printed on any available medium or saved in PDF format and sent by email or on social networks. Calendars can become memories that anyone will love to keep. The calendar can be made in wallet format, printed on PVC, perforated and an added key chain and will be a souvenir. Monthly calendars can be created to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or printed on a mug. These awesome calendars can also be simply printed from any print and used immediately.

Microsoft Publisher is versatile software that can be used to perform many tasks, personally and professionally. Calendars are just a few examples of what can be done using Microsoft Publisher. Calendars can be a great way to celebrate events and occasions. Microsoft Publisher calendars can be used for birthday gifts, baby shower gifts, promotional items and more. Use your imagination and be creative when you create impressive calendars with Microsoft Publisher.

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Calendar created with Microsoft Publisher

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