How to delete duplicate iCloud Photos entries from Explorer sidebar

How to delete duplicate iCloud Photos entries from Explorer sidebar

When you choose to install iTunes on Windows 10, full iCloud support with iCloud Photos is automatically installed on your PC. Sometimes you may also notice the entry of “iCloud Photos” icons by double pointing to the same folder. When iCloud for Windows is uninstalled and reinstalled, additional copies of the same folder may reappear! Here’s what you can do when Windows 10 fails to remove duplicate iCloud photos from the sidebar of file explorer in Windows 10.

Many users complain, even after uninstalling the iCloud app, the folder shortcut continues to appear on the ‘Quick access“File Explorer bar.

Remove duplicate iCloud Photos entries from Explorer

Ideally, when you right-click on the folder (s), the ‘RemoveShould become visible. You can then use the option to delete duplicate entries. However, users sometimes findRemove’Missing option. Even the Del key is useless. The ‘Security’ the tab under Folder properties says ‘Full access“And the folder is marked as”System folderRather than just Dossier.

  1. Click on the Start button> Settings.
  2. Move towards applications > Applications and features.
  3. Select the iCloud app from the list and uninstall it.
  4. Right click on the OneDrive cloud icon in the task bar.
  5. To choose Settings and switch to the Backup tongue.
  6. Click on Manage backup.
  7. Select the Stop backup option on the photos option.
  8. Open the Registry Editor.
  9. Find the iCloud Photos entries and delete them.
  10. Restart your computer.
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OneDrive treats each iCloud connection as a new occurrence and, therefore, displays the entries multiple times under the “Quick Access” bar. Try the method to fix it.

Click the “Start” button and navigate to “Settings’>‘applications’>‘Applications and features

See, if the iCloud app is there.

Select it and uninstall the application.

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Now choose the Onedrive cloud icon located in the Windows 10 taskbar, then choose ‘Settings“In the menu.

Go to ‘Backup“Tab, click on”Manage backup

Then select “Stop backup»For the option«Pictures“Folder.

Open the registry editor and search for “ICloud Photos»Entries. You can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F to search. Two or more keys can be found under:

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Delete them individually and close the Registry Editor.

Restart your PC.

You should no longer find multiple entries for the iCloud Photos folder in Windows 10 Explorer.

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