How to enable Engineering Mode on Xiaomi?

Some special settings on Xiaomi can be changed if activate engineering mode. For example, the mode is used for sound control up to the maximum volume level for both conversation and the general. It is not necessary to have work experience. But you have to be careful. Clumsy use can cause serious damage to the system. Remember this when you try to change the settings. We now observe three ways to activate Xiaomi's technical mode.

Method 1. Use Codes to Enable Engineering Mode

To enable engineering mode, use a dialer to enter one of the following codes.

  1. * # * # 6484 # * # *
  2. * # * # 3646633 # * # *
  3. * # * # 4636 # * # *

Any of the codes could work. If the mode is still unable, try another one. If it works, you will see on the screen a menu of about 30 items (more or less, depending on the model). The menu can be in English or another language, it depends on the firmware.

Do not be angry if after typing the code, you see an image like this on the screen. It's just an additional menu which has nothing to do with the engineering mode. If this image was displayed on your screen, the code did not work. Better to try another.

Method 2. Enable engineering mode with the help of parameters.

  1. Navigate in the "parameters";

  2. Select "My device"

  3. Go to "All specifications";

  4. Find "kernel version", press it 7 times on a regular basis (on the 6th, the pop-up window containing the message "You are about to enter CIT" allows you not to count)

After the 7th tap, the engineering mode will appear. This is shown in the photo.

Method 3. Use the engineering mode of the MTK application.

Some versions of Xiaomi require MTK application engineering mode. Note that this method only works for devices on the MediaTek chipset. For example, this does not work for Snapdragon chipsets.

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