How to Filter Notifications with Focus on iPhone (iOS 15)

how to filter notifications with focus on iphone (ios 15)

How to focus with iOS 15

In iOS 15, you can filter notifications on your iPhone using To concentrate. This new feature allows you to create profiles according to your daily routine. Instead of blocking all notifications, you can allow the ones that are really important to what you’re doing right now!

How to set up a focus

how to configure a focus

iOS 15 comes with a predefined list of profiles that anticipate your daily routines. The integrated focuses are: Do Not Disturb, Driving, Sleep, Personal and Job. Each should be configured independently, with iOS providing helpful suggestions for authorized contacts and apps.
Let’s set up a Focus together:

  • Open the Control center and press To concentrate. Or, alternatively, open Settings and press To concentrate.
  • Choose a notification profile that you want to configure. I’m going to hit Job.
  • The Work Focus start screen is displayed. Tap following turn the page.
  • Choose which one Contacts you want to allow notifications from the moment this focus is activated. iOS 15 provides a series of suggestions. You can keep them, add or remove others. Press on Allow x people when it’s ready.
  • Then confirm which applications you want to allow notifications. Use those suggested by your iPhone or narrow down the list. Press on Allow x applications turn the page.
  • Decide if you want to allow Time sensitive notifications. These are alerts that require your immediate attention. Love messages that let you know an order is available for pickup. Or an alert from your smart doorbell. Tap Allows time sensitivity or Not now, Carry on.
  • Finally, refine the others Settings like:
    Share focus state: When enabled, this feature will let apps know you’ve turned off notifications and allow people to contact you anyway if there’s something important online.
    Homepage: Choose a personalized home screen page that will be displayed when this debugging is activated.
    Options Weak lock screen; Delayed delivery (When enabled, notifications from unauthorized apps will be sent directly to action center when focus is active); Hide notification badges (when activated, hides red badges for applications available on the home screen).
    Smart activation Focuses can be turned on / off manually or through automation. This feature allows you to configure an automation. You can opt for time (triggers at a set time interval), location (when you reach a certain location), and app (triggers when you open a chosen app).
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How to create a new focus

how to create a new focus

In addition, by configuring the predefined iOS 15 focuses, you can also create your own notification profile:

  • Open the Control center and press the + (New focus) available at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select your Focus lens. It can be either: Personalized, Fitness, Games or Reading. I will go for Custom.
  • Last name Your focus. Choose a Color And one icon.
    Made: The icon will appear on the lock screen, below the clock and in the left status bar, next to the clock, when focus is on.
  • Tap following.
  • Press on Add contact, to select the people whose notifications you want to allow when focus is on.
    Tap Allow x people when it’s ready.
  • Go for Add an application, to select the applications authorized to notify you when the Focus is active. Tap Allow x applications.
  • Allows time sensitivity or Not now.
  • Adjust other parameters like: Share focus status, home screen, options and Smart activation.
    Made: To remove a focus that you no longer need, tap Remove Focus, available at the bottom of the Focus Settings page.
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How to activate the focus

Focus icons in iOS 15

Focuses can be activated automatically, as explained above, or manually from the Control Center.
All you have to do is swipe down from the top right corner of the screen and tap To concentrate.
Then press the To concentrate that you want to activate.
Made: The Focus icon turns green when the profile is activated. An active focus is also confirmed by its icon displayed in the status bar when the iPhone is unlocked or on the lock screen when it is not.
Perform the same steps to deactivate a Focus!

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Focus tips and tricks

Focus on all devices: This new iOS 15 is automatically replicated on all your other devices used with your Apple ID.
Focus on the lock screen – long press the Focus icon on your iPhone lock screen to view the Focus gallery.
Do not disturb the focus – works the same as the old Do Not Disturb mode, blocking all notifications.

What do you think of the new Focus mode? Do you plan to use it? Share your comments in the comments section available below. Do not hesitate to ask for more details if necessary.

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