How to Fix Shortcuts Not Working on Home Screen in iOS 14.3

How To Fix Shortcuts Not Working On Home Screen In

How to fix shortcuts that don’t work

Are Shortcuts not working on your iPhone when you run them from Home screen in iOS 14.3? Additionally, do your shortcuts also crash if you run them from the Share sheet, or give them a Back Tap gesture? You are not the first to encounter this problem!

Apple changed the way shortcuts work in iOS 14.3. Opening a shortcut from the iPhone home screen will no longer redirect through the Shortcuts app. The experience is much more seamless and you are only informed that a shortcut has been played, via a notification banner that slides from the top of the screen!

Made: The banner can be qualified as discreet because it slides quickly!

Shortcuts don’t work in iOS 14.3

It’s unclear if shortcuts get stuck when opened from the Home screen, Share Sheet, or Touch Back due to a bug or because Apple has changed the way they operate. .
However, we have a slew of reports on the simpler shortcuts, like the one that opens the App Store Updates page from the home screen, which stopped working since iOS 14.3.

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Made: A Reddit user discovered a model which triggers the iOS 14.3 shortcuts bug and interrupts all future executions. Apparently if you tap to skip a list outside of the box while running a shortcut leaves execution stuck and slips any other shortcut you want to run.

How to fix shortcuts crashing in iOS 14.3

The shortcuts seem to break for various reasons. Here are some of the more common fixes:

1. Restart the iPhone

Troubleshooting should begin with a reboot, to ensure that all minor runtime issues are removed. Click and release quickly Turn up the sound, Lower the volume, followed by a long press on the Side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen. Please be patient until the device restarts. Provide your Password and run the shortcut once more.

2. Unloading shortcuts

how to unload the shortcuts app

Then you can try reinstalling the Shortcuts app and start over. Do it from Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage -> Shortcuts. Here you have the possibility to Download the application. This will help you save app data and recover your shortcuts when you reinstall the app.

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3. Add “Wait to come back”

Another working fix requires you to add the 'Wait to return' code at the end of the shortcut and after the exit points, like commands that open the URL or similar.
added code to fix shortcut crash in iOS 14.3

  • Open Shortcuts and go to the one that breaks.
  • Press the three dots icon, available in the upper right corner of the shortcuts tab.
  • Tap ‘+’ to add more actions.
  • Go for Scripting and select Wait to come back.
  • Drag and drop at the end of the shortcut and after any exit point, such as URL. Tap Done when you’re ready.

4. Add code to open in shortcuts

If you add the “ Open Shortcuts ” action at the start of the shortcut, the command will be executed through the Shortcuts app, the same way things used to work in iOS 14.2 and earlier. This isn’t ideal, but it’s a temporary fix that will allow your shortcuts to run until the issue is resolved.

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How? ‘Or’ What: Open the Shortcuts app and go to the shortcut that crashes. Press the three points icon, available in the upper right corner of the tab. Hit the ‘+’ icon to add code. Look for the ‘Open shortcuts’ order. Add it and drag it to the start of the shortcut.

Did any of the tips above help you fix shortcuts crashing in iOS 14.3? Which? Share your comments using the comments section. Don’t hesitate to mention a better solution if you have found one!

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