How to install unsigned .Appx app package using PowerShell in Windows 10

Install .Appx Package With PowerShell

Malware is constantly finding new ways to damage or damage devices. Seeing these things, it would still be reasonable to get applications in the Appx file format used by Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications in Windows 10. It allows you to install the applications directly from the Microsoft Store.

However, you will sometimes need to install the Package .Appx from outside the Windows Store. In this case, Windows 10 offers to install it using a simple command in PowerShell. For example, suppose you are a software developer and have a great application idea to work on. But before you download it from the Store, you need to test it properly.

In this guide, we will explain a fairly simple way to install the .Appx package with PowerShell.

Install the Appx application package with PowerShell

Enable side loading of applications

Before you start, make sure the side loading apps are enabled in Windows settings. By default, this option is available in the activated form, but it can sometimes be deactivated by the administrator.

To verify or change these settings, you must first log in as an administrator. After that, open Windows settings> Update & security> For developers. Now move to the right pane and select the radio button next to the Side applications.

At this point, you may receive a warning prompt when enabling side loading of the application on your Windows device. To activate the side loading of the application, click on the button Yes button.

Use PowerShell

Once you have made the appropriate checks / modifications, it is time to install the .Appx package.

To do this, open an elevated PowerShell prompt on your Windows device.

How to install the .Appx package with PowerShell

In the Windows PowerShell interface, type the following text and press Enter –

Add-AppxPackage -Path "C:PathtoFile.Appx"

In the command line above, the corresponding path indicates the location of the .appx file which is stored in the sub-directory of your device.

So here you have to replace the Path with the exact path of the .appx file.

Also replace file.appx with the file name of the universal Windows platform, as shown in the snapshot above. Then press Enter to run the command line.

By pressing the Enter key, it will start to execute the command and in an instant, the application will be installed on your device.

Now you can just click the Start button and open the app like any other app.

That’s all.

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Install the .Appx package with PowerShell

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