How to Lock PDF with Password on iPhone in iOS 15

how to lock pdf with password on iphone in ios

How to Lock PDF with Password

In iOS 15, you can lock PDF files with a password! All you need to do is upload a PDF document to Files on iPhone or iPad. Open the app and use the new Lock PDF feature to set up a password! This option adds an extra layer of security for your sensitive documents!

How to Lock PDF with Password

how to lock PDF on iPhone

    On iPhone and iPad, PDF documents and other downloaded items are stored in the Files app. Proceed as follows:

  • Open Files and press Browse (bottom right in the footer menu).
  • Go for On my iphone.
    Important: Only PDF files stored on your iPhone can be password protected. Those uploaded to your iCloud account cannot be locked!
  • Tap Downloads or any other available folder that stores the PDF you want to protect.
  • Tap the document thumbnail to open it.
  • Use the Share icon.
  • To select Lock PDF.
  • Type A Password and check it out. Tap Made.
  • Made: This is the password that will be required to open the document from now on. At the time of this writing, I haven’t found too many restrictions, in terms of access key security. You can even set a 1 character password!

How to open password protected PDF

Password Protected PDF on iPhone

  • Open Files and Browse for the document you want to open.
  • Press the thumbnail.
  • Press on Password, just below the message “This document is password protected” and enter the password. Tap go when it’s ready.
    Made: If you use the wrong password, the text field displays “Password”. Tap on it and try again.
  • Examine the PDF and take the desired actions.
  • Made: Once configured, there is no option to go back and have the Files app stop asking for a password. However, these are the first stages of beta testing iOS 15. I will update this article if anything changes.

    Important: I also don’t see how to recover lost PDF password. Proceed with caution and write down your password or save it in Remarks to make sure you don’t lock up important documents yourself!

Do you know the new iOS 15 Lock PDF feature? Do you plan to protect important files with a password? Do you have any questions about this. Use the comments section and share your comments!

PS: Lock photos with password is still not available

Many iPhone and iPad users expect the privacy feature which allows them to password protect the selected images in the Pictures application. Unfortunately, this is still not available in iOS 15!

The best you can get is to use the Hide photo option. The image will be placed in a hidden album, which can be further hidden in the album list in Photos. However, there is a major downside. The hidden album always appears in the image selection area of ​​third-party apps!

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