How to loop PowerPoint Slides in a presentation to make them run automatically

How to loop PowerPoint Slides in a presentation to make them run automatically

It may be useful to display the same set of information over and over again, until the stop command is received. This way you can keep viewers informed of something of interest. Microsoft Office PowerPoint lets you end up with slide shows. The functionality is hidden under the PowerPoint slideshow configuration area.

How to loop slides in a PowerPoint presentation

A looping slideshow in PowerPoint allows the presenter to automatically view each slide for a defined time interval. Thereafter, after the time has elapsed, the slide proceeds to the next slide. Once the slideshow is finished, it repeats from the same cycle. Whatever the occasion, you can keep your visitors engaged by activating the PowerPoint loop presentation.

This tutorial will show you how to loop a group of PowerPoint slides in a presentation to run automatically as a slideshow:

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation
  2. Go to Configure slideshow
  3. Select Loop continuously until Esc
  4. Then apply the slide transitions.

Now let’s see the procedure involved in detail.

Configure the slideshow to loop continuously

Launch or open your PowerPoint presentation to which you want to add the loop function.

Then go to ‘Slide show configuration“, Residing under”Install»Group of«slideshowThe “tab.

When the ‘Set Up Show»Appears, go to«Show options“And tick the box marked”Continuous loop to Esc‘ the description.

Once selected, press the ‘buttonOkay’Located in the lower right corner of the box.

Now if you run the slideshow it will only end when you press the “Esc.

2]Apply slide transitions (automatic)

Repeat the above steps to open the ‘Set Up Show’Windows again.

Here, make sure that the option “Use of timings, if present” under the heading “Advanced slides” is checked. Otherwise, check the option.

Then configure a few options to lock certain functions.

How to loop slides in a PowerPoint presentation

So go ahead and select ‘Traveled to the kiosk “ (Full screen) option visible under ‘Show type‘Group. Once you have configured this setting, the ‘Continuous loop to EscThe option will be automatically configured if you have not done so earlier.

Choose “OK” when you are done.

When the ‘Navigated in a kiosk“The option is not selected or activated”Sure’, Automatic slide progress can be stopped by pressing the Back button knowingly or unknowingly. Selecting the option ensures that the front and back keys are locked, allowing the slideshow to progress smoothly without unwanted hassle.

3]Set schedules

Go to ‘transitionsThe “tab. There, under thescheduleGroup “, check the box next to”AfterAnd configure the execution schedule for each slide.

Later select “Applies to allIn the same group.

That’s it! You have correctly enabled PowerPoint loop presentation for a project.

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