How To Make Online Studying Fun Or At Least Less Boring

How To Make Online Studying Fun Or At Least Less Boring

The rise of technology has made teaching much easier than before. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, online education was not a thing. But now it has become important for all students and teachers, as schools and colleges have been closed. It’s a great way to teach and interact with students.

However, students face issues like lack of focus, attention, and focus during online classes. As a result, teachers also find it difficult to have productive interaction with students.

So what can you do It is essential to understand the basic solutions to these problems. If you are wondering how to make studying online interesting, you have come to the right place. In this article, we’ll provide you with some tips for improving online education.

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What are some tips for making online lessons fun?

Turn on your camera


If you want good interaction with the students, you need to activate your front camera. All the students may want to know a little more about you. By showing your face, you can better engage with them. Productive discussions can only take place when you talk to children as if they are attending a manual class, not an online class.

There are a few things to keep in mind before you turn on your camera

  • Check whether the background is suitable or not, if not, it will become a source of distraction for the students.
  • Take care of the lightning as they might not be able to see you.
  • Always sit in a comfortable position. You should not be too close or too far from the camera.
  • There should be nothing that can disturb the whole class.
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Set goals


The first thing to do before organizing online classes is to define your goals by teaching them a particular subject or topic. This way you will properly manage the whole class. You need to be clear about the topic you are going to teach them in one day. Planning is an effective way to improve the quality of online courses. This will help the students to learn the subject quickly.

You can also plan interesting activities like playing games, taking quizzes, and giving rewards to students. It will make them happy and satisfied with the type of education you are providing. They will also be motivated to attend the next class.

Use videos and pictures


Using videos and pictures while teaching a lesson will not only entertain the students, but they will also be able to better understand the concepts. Sometimes teaching a complex lesson to children is difficult because they get bored easily. You can use informative videos and pictures related to that particular lesson and show them to students during the lesson.

You have so many options with video call apps. These options will help you in many ways to make your lessons fun and less boring.

Try unique things

Trying different and unique things could improve the quality of interactive sessions with students. You can play music for the students to enjoy learning. Another idea for collaborating with children is playing drawing games. If you are unsure of an idea, you can implement it first to find out how many kids like it. Then decide if you want to make it a regular activity or not.

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A small playful environment is necessary to keep children attentive throughout the class. You can make a list of ideas and try them out one by one.

Change the tone of your voice

Before teaching students in an online course, you should practice changing the tone of your voice. Children prefer to learn a subject in story form, so you need to improve your storytelling skills first.

Establish Rules and Regulations – For a successful online class, there must be rules and regulations in place to ensure discipline in the classroom. This way, you can run the class properly and cover all the topics you want to discuss with them without any distractions. Students have a lot of options for communicating with the teacher online, so there should be strict rules to avoid any issues.

You can keep your students motivated by giving them rewards for maintaining discipline in the classroom.

Feedback is needed

After an online course, a teacher should ask students for their feedback. Feedback is necessary because it will help you improve the quality of your lessons. You will understand what kind of activities children want in video lessons.

So here are some of the most essential tips for creating great online courses. Now we are going to discuss some advantages of the same.

Benefits of online education

  • You can communicate with kids from anywhere and assign tasks to them through video lessons. All you need is a device and a stable internet connection.
  • Productive discussions can take place because students will be more confident when answering questions in class. There will be an increase in student participation in a discussion.
  • The students can fully understand the teacher’s lessons as they can raise their doubts in the dialog box.
  • Online study gives children more time to reflect and analyze the lessons before sharing their ideas and thoughts. This will improve their overall performance as well as their skills.
  • With online education, students can get their study materials by email. Thus, they do not need to write the notes because everything will be in digital form.
  • Playing different games and studying can only be possible through video lessons. It’s a great way to teach and entertain kids
  • Students who miss their classes have the option of obtaining the recordings. Accordingly, it will not disrupt their studies.
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To sum up, we would like to say that there are many ways to improve online studies. It is important to take care of the needs and demands of children. In this article, we have provided some of the tips for creating fun online courses. We hope these tips help you create interesting and interactive online courses. You have to be patient to get the results you want.

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