How to Move Photos from Email to Google Photos

How to Move Photos from Email to Google Photos

Previously, when you received photos on Gmail, it was easy to move them to Google Photos. One would save them in Google Drive and they would appear in Google Photos when linked. But recently Google didn’t like Google Photos and Drive. It also affected the way people moved photos from email to Google Photos.

If you get a lot of photos on Gmail that you want to appear in your Google photos, things are different now. While there is no direct way to move them to Google Photos, there are various alternatives.

Let’s see how to move photos from email, especially from Gmail to Google Photos.

How to transfer photos from email to Google Photos on the web

There are two ways to do this. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s see them.

1. Move photos to Google Photos using Google Drive

The first method takes the help of Google Drive using the integrated functionality of Google Photos. You must first upload the photos to Drive from Gmail and then add them to Google Photos using the native Drive option.

We know that Google Photos allows us to upload an unlimited number of photos, as long as the download size is set to high quality in Google Photos settings. So check the quality before adding photos from Drive. Once added, delete photos from Drive to free up Google storage.

Move photos from email to Google Photos 5

Here are the steps in detail:

Note: This method only works with Gmail.

Step 1: Open the email from which you want to move photos to Google Photos.

2nd step: Click the Save to Drive icon next to the photos. All photos will be automatically added to the Google Drive root folder. If you want to move only the selected photos, click the Drive icon on the photos themselves.

Move photos from email to Google Photos 1

Note: At this point, the photos will occupy the storage space on Google Drive.

Stage 3: Open and click Import.

Move photos from email to Google Photos 2

Step 4: Click on Google Drive in the menu.

Move photos from email to google photos 3

Step 5: Select the photos to upload to Google Photos. The photos will appear on the date they were taken and not at the top.

Move photos from email to Google Photos 4

Step 6: Open and delete the photos if you want to free up space on Google storage. Deleting them on Drive will not delete them from Google Photos.

Why use Google Photos instead of Google Drive

In case you’re wondering, isn’t it better to save the photos only to Google Drive? Well, you can. But as you know, the photos saved in Google Drive are taken into account in your Google storage quota. This is not the case with Google Photos if the images are added in high quality. In addition, viewing and sharing photos is easier on Google Photos than on Drive. It is therefore preferable to use Google Photos. We hope Google offers a native button in Gmail to add photos to Google Photos.


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Last updated on February 25, 2020

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