How to Open Webpages by Default in Chrome’s Incognito Mode

google chrome incognito mode

Incognito mode or "private browsing" is a privacy feature that disables Chrome browser browsing history. Apart from this, it allows you to browse websites without storing local data, cookies, cache, etc. This mode is often used for secure browsing, such as certain banking or transactional activities. But it's pretty tiring to open Incognito mode every time you access such websites. It is here that the Incognito-Filter extension is useful. This extension allows you to open default web pages in Chrome. Incognito mode. Refer to the instructions below to learn how to use this extension.

Automatically open web pages in incognito mode

  1. First, download the Chrome Extension of Incognito Filter.incognito fashion extension
  2. Click on Add to Chrome button. Then click on the Add an extension button in the dialog box that appears.
  3. In the extension window that opens, click Manage websites (present in the left menu bar).
  4. Now enter the name of the site and click on the button Add a website button.

add website incognito mode

This will by default open the websites and web pages mentioned in incognito mode. However, you can also add certain keywords. In this case, any website with this keyword will automatically open in incognito mode. Let's see how that could be done. In addition, you can now watch YouTube videos in Incognito mode. Refer to the guide for more information.

Use keywords for Incognito

In this section, you will first need to specify the desired keyword. The extension will then open the web page containing these keywords in incognito mode by default. The procedure of adding keywords is slightly complex. Follow the instructions exactly as mentioned below. Also check out 5 Google Chrome tips to get the most out of it.

  1. Under the Manage websites section of the extension, enter the code below:

    a website

  2. The above command means that whenever the extension sees the transaction word, it will automatically open the webpage in private browsing mode. Just replace the transaction keyword with yours before using this code.
  3. However, the above command only works for one word. Add more than one word. use the code below:

    two sites

  4. This code means that the extension will open any webpage in incognito mode that contains the word "transaction" or "banking". If you ask yourself, | sign meansor"In the command above.
  5. Once you have entered the required code, click Add RegExp button. It is next to the Add a Website button. By the way, RegExp is the acronym for Regular Expressions.

That's it. You have successfully added the desired keywords. Now go ahead and try this extension. Web pages will now open by default in incognito mode, in accordance with the commands above.

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